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Neil Jackson

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Josh Holloway

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David Gandy

According to ABC news here are a couple more contenders for the role of Christian Grey except for David Gandy who was suggested by 1klkelly. What do you think?

How has reading FSOG affected your life?

I’m so impressed with the number of readers that posted comments about the books they read after FSOG  (thank you for that) so here is the next one: (thank you Liz).

How does your FSOG (addiction ;) ) influence your every day life?

For me it opened a new door. Writing was not something I ever aspired to, didn’t even know that I had it in me. Starting Meander was supposed to be a purging process, which has turned into something I spend more time on than my actual job! To put it in perspective for you, I  posted Meander on FF on the 13 May 2012. That’s almost exactly 8 months ago. In that time, just counting the original Meander (not Christmas or Crossfire) I’ve written 173 568 words. If our industry standard for provocative romance is 200 pages per book with a 250 word count per page then I’ve written 3.4 books so far! That just blew me away last night when I did the maths! FSOG books were much longer with an average of roughly 500 pages per book which makes it 1.3 books for me so far.

The time and dedication this level of commitment requires has to come from somewhere, so suddenly I find myself in a very small world. I’ve completely stopped watching TV, I see friends a whole lot less and everything else I do has become a multi task. I eat breakfast reading and commenting on reviews, posting on the blog or answering e-mails. There’s no doubt that it has taken time away from a lot of things that I used to enjoy doing but the truth is I’m happiest with my family rattling around the house and me writing this story.

Strangely getting reviews and feedback has not gotten old, in fact I love chatting to the readers all around the world, about anything really, it never fails to amaze me that a book has brought us all together, not just on my blog but all the blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Fan Fiction and FSOG fan sites around.

Chapter 31

It’s here….


A .308 round

soft tip rounds  rounds 1

The difference between a softer lead/copper tip and a harder full copper jacketed round as well as the mushrooming effect a softer bullet has once it enters a target that offers resistance.

To all the faithful CSI followers, I hope this chapter meets with your high investigative standards! I’d like to thank our family friend and officer of the law, CC for his help with the forensic details of the latest chapters.

Question – please share with us

After FSOG it took me SEVEN months to pick up another book, I just couldn’t imagine myself ever reading anything else again! This, for me as an AVID reader was like torture. Not only did I mourn the loss of my new favourite characters but I thought I’d be stuck reading it over and over for the rest of my life! Finally, after starting to write Meander, which was supposed to help me purge the story from my mind (I’m not sure how I thought that would help but anyhwo..), I forced myself to read something, anything, just to see if I could still find joy in one of my dearest hobbies. So, after scouring site after site of What to Read After FSOG I settled on A beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.


I’m pleased to say that today, I’m back to reading 1.5 books a week and still loooove doing it. (PHEW!) So ladies (and the odd gentleman that I know of) What was your first read after FSOG?

Mid week teaser

A little something for you from Chapter 31…

“…Never have I seen Taylor go so pale. He gives me a long stare, narrowing his eyes before he lets out a slow breath, letting it whistle through his teeth. “I can’t say for sure but my gut tells me it was meant for Christian.”

I hear my blood thrumming through my ears, a sound not unlike that of a cicada insect’s singing. The sudden rush of oxygen forces my head into a swim; the woozy feeling making my belly squirm in the worst possible way. I don’t know if there was an answer I would have preferred but I can say for sure this is not it.

He presses his lips together at the sight of my ashen face, “Mrs Grey.” For a beat he pauses, brow quirked. “Ana. Are you sure you want to hear this?”

I can only blink my assurance as I wonder the same thing and battle to keep down what little I ate today…”

Chapter 30

It’s here… Thank you for being patient.

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