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Dear readers

Just to let you know, I’ll be taking a little break this week, the first one in a long time. I’ll be back in business next week with Chapter 30 posted over next weekend, that is if all goes to plan. I will be answering e-mails and reviews if you just want to chat or say hi.


I’d like to wish you a blessed new year, may 2013 bring you all your heart’s desires.

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Christmas Meander

Dear readers, thank you so much for your support during the year. One-shot Christmas Meander is my way of saying thank you and merry Christmas! I appreciate all the effort that goes into your thoughtful reviews. I was hoping to post it yesterday but as you’ll see it’s the length of two chapters and took some serious research. Thank you for understanding, it being Christmas and all. :) Please find it in the side bar. I hope you enjoy!


Lots of love, Monique…

Mid week teaser…

A little taste of what’s to come in chapter 29…

“…His suddenly rigid form captures my attention, forcing me to meet his steely stare. I stiffen at the sight of his downturned mouth. The stern warning on his face is enough, there’s no need for words – his silent message is loud and clear.

I know he wants me to let the guilt go but how can I? Everywhere I look I see the results of my senselessness. If I can’t apologise – not that I think it carries much weight anymore – all I’m left with is humiliation stemming from my carelessness.

Ever perceptive he picks op on the dejected slump of my shoulders, “you did what you felt you had to, I get that you did it through some misguided notion to protect me but we both carry an equal share of guilt where this is concerned. Let’s deal with it and see what we can fix?”

He pitches it as a question, eager to solicit my cooperation. I’m so grateful for his infinite capacity for forgiveness, especially where I’m concerned. Who knows what else will pop up in the future? Every time I think we’ve reached the end of my disgraceful list of blunders we stumble over another, it’s depressing…”

Chapter 28

It’s here…

  Via b  bel s

Via Bellagio and the empty Tiffany & Co store


Ana’s choker

lip biting

Ana biting her lip to entice Mr Grey

Mid week teaser

A little something from chapter 28, just to get you curious….

‘….We take the golf cart to the main building of the casino, the security team following closely behind. Immediately after coming to a stop Christian grabs my hand and catches my gaze. His mouth is still arranged in that sexy, secret smile but his eyes are what really get my attention, they’re alive with emotion, happy, sad, contrite – all of which has me a little nervous, a little excited and a whole lot curious.

Where are we going?

Firmly he drags me into the building then pulls me close as he slips his arm around my shoulders before pressing a kiss to my temple. “You’re gorgeous baby,” his whispered words and warm breath on my ear like a gentle tickle down my back. I grin looking up at him, too stunned by his mysterious air and darkening irises to reply…”