Dr Ruth on Fifty Shades…

Laura from the Bookish website passed this onto me; a very interesting article where Dr. Ruth Westheimer (famous sexologist) reveals Why Men Need to Be More Like Spicy Novels…..

Nora Sutherlin (Tiffany Reisz’ female character in the Original Sinners series) calls them “one-handed reads”,  and – as I’m sure you know – ;) with good reason. Erotic fiction has boomed since FSOG saw the light of day, gracing the shelves of book stores and e-book dealers alike, the phenomenon turning even the most dubious and scoffing among us onto a genre that we would never before have considered. With the following quote from the above mentioned article Dr Ruth makes an excellent point, one that, until now, I could sense but couldn’t quite articulate:

“…They (men) should create a sensuous drama for their partner, with hills and valleys, rather than think of sex as a movie car chase…”

The slow progression of a written love scene is so much more fitting for the way a woman’s body responds, and Christian, with his teasing build-ups, certainly does that for us in spades. Shunning instant gratification in his quest to push Ana to new erotic heights by making her wait is something we can all take a lesson from. I guess that’s what makes a good literary love scene, slow and growing, stoking, teasing, your imagination glimpsing rather than seeing the full, blaring picture. So akin to foreplay in its nature, is that why we’re reaching between the covers of  these books? 

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Trailers and more

Hi there Grey fans!

I hope you’re having a stellar Monday …

Here are a few more trailers – some new, mostly with Matt – enjoy!



Matt photo montage


Sepia Matt and Alexis


Photo montage Matt and Alexis


Matt  – this is stunning (Thank you Moire)

I absolutely LOOOOOVE the Bared To You one for those of you who enjoy Gideon and Eva.


Bared To You


Ps: I just posted chapter 24 for the Italian readers – thank you Paola! ;)

This and that

Hello lovely Grey fans! 

Firstly I’d like to thank all of you that have offered to Beta read for me. I’m speechless and very grateful. Thank you!

I also  have another Christian candidate to share…

zac  zac1

Zac Efron

I finally found a candidate for Ana that I personally quite like:



Nikki Reed

I’ve mentioned it before but the first book I managed to read after FSOG was Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and though it was much tamer than FSOG I enjoyed it. Check out this video made for the book:



Book 2 Walking Disaster will be out 2 April.

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For the Ian fans

Oooh, ooh, a new one and it’s a goodie! My fav so far! Fan made trailer with Ian



Team Jesse

Chrisitain  chrisitan1

Jesse Pavelka

For those of you who are on Team Jesse with me, here is a fan made little trailer thingie. No footage though, just photos but good none the less…


More fantasy casting…

I’ve heard a rumour, and judging by the past ones you never know what to trust, but apparently Ian and Henry are the front runners for Christian’s role… This won’t stop us casting though…

th  th1


Tyler Hoechlin

md2  md1


Marco Dapper

mark d  mark d1

Mark Deklin

tj  th1

Theo James

In this batch I think my vote goes to Marco…

Also FYI, I nearly fainted (thank you Danielle) but Sylvia Day has pushed out her release date for Entwined – again – we are now looking at JUNE!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!


More trailers – non-official

Some words of wisdom just to keep it real… “A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.”

mat  ian 1

Here are some fan based YouTube trailers, just because dream casting is fun!

Matt vs Ian


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrGBHMrT6qU  This one actually made me think of Meander more than it did FSOG. How cool would that be??




Chapter 33

It took all my willpower but here it is, done and dusted just for you. For those of you that are sensitive souls, you may want to keep some tissues handy.

ct at night

I hope you like the song. ;)

Ps: Just because I didn’t have the picture at the time I wrote the honeymoon chapter with Christian and Ana having some fun with chocolate in the hot tub doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share it with you now…

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of Christian…

man choc

Some FSOG movie trailers – no official


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9nAvVN8js0 (I love this song)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddsj0R7jLrM (Ian)


The more I see Ian in the role the more I like him, may have to re-evaluate my Team Jesse stance. What do you think? Ryan is an absolute no for me.

RG  matt bomber  Ian


According to the UK Sun E L James has mentioned someone she would like to see in the role for Christian. Now I hate people being bitchy over the internet and I’m sure this is a perfectly lovely guy but, for me, he is not Christian. Tell me what you think.

er1  er2


Eddie Redmayne

Thank you Katherine for brining this to our attention!