Book club and MORE of the trailer…

Hello, lovely ladies :)

I hope you’re all still on a high from watching the trailer and lucky us, now that it’s hit cyberspace, there’s a whole slew of fan made delights to titillate us even more:

This is a short clip of an interview with Jamie and Dakota talking about the steamy scenes in the movie. I think it went much better than the pre-trailer interview.

All clips thanks to the Laters Baby UK facebook page:

Also, Sharon shared this:


Like her, this pic gives me hope that just maybe Jamie will be able to pull off the darker scenes that will come from Christian’s tortured confessions during the unfolding of their beautiful story. 

Then, I’m posting the book club post now because Kereny sent me the updated Spanish chapter early. Find chapter 32 in the sidebar, girls ;) Thanks, Kereny!

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This week I read:


Tamed by Emma Chase, book three in the Tangled series. I enjoyed it. The first two featured Drew and Kate’s story and this one is written from Drew’s buddy, Matthew’s POV as he pursues Dee-Dee. It was cute but a little more serious than the first two.

Currently I’m reading:


One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I absolutely adore her This Man series, and I was so keen to get to this new creation of hers but so far, (and I’m about eighty percent through), I’m disappointed. I really dislike giving negative reviews and I would love to get feedback from you guys on this one. It’s left me a little stumped, actually. Frankly, I’m only finishing it because I’m hoping the final twenty percent will shed enough light on the way the male protagonist acts to make me forgive him being such an a-hole.

One my shelf I have:


The Saint by Tiffany Reisz.

And of course Katy Evans’s new book, Rogue will be here shortly. I can’t wait! ;)

You’ve gotta’  love pre-ordering a book and one-click-buy! ;)

book stack

Sharon is also responsible for our book club joke this week and ain’t it the truth?

FSOG joke

Thank you for your wonderful support of the countdown and all the great feedback and discussion surrounding the trailer. It was fun sharing it with you.

Have a wonderful weekend mooning over the smokin’ trailer and all the spin-offs that YouTube spoils us with ;)

Come on, girls; share your best reads with us!

Monique xx


Trailer analysis

Wow, so I’ve blown up your inbox with all my posts, and I guess we’ve all seen it like; fifty thousand times now, and have nit-picked it to death. I’ve finally managed to get it onto my YouTube channel and I’m sorry that the downloading link doesn’t work for overseas viewers. Can any Aussies tell me whether it worked for them? Here’s my YouTube link:

Also, I found this. It’s not official but beautiful nevertheless:

Okay, so, here’s what I think; negatives first: Dakota, though beautiful, has an edginess to her that doesn’t sit well for me with the wide-eyed innocence I always pictured Ana to have. She seems worldly to me, playing at coy rather than being so naturally. I would have preferred a more wholesome, girl-next-door look for her. Jamie on, the other hand, I feel is too cute. That pretty-boy face doesn’t have the depth of character of a man who’s been through hell and back as Christian has, but I might just be persuaded to forget all about that when he parades around in those low-slung jeans ;) For me; I wanted to see a darker, more rugged Christian.

Having said that, I’m absolutely thrilled with EL James involvement in the movie; that she didn’t just sell the rights and left it there. I LOVED that what I saw in the trailer was an accurate representation of the book and those deliciously seductive lines that CG delivers so smoothly. I cannot wait for him to say, “Keep still,” or “Come for me.” Lastly, I can easily overlook my concern about the actors provided the movie is true to their all-consuming chemistry and that love that just blindsided them. In short, I want to see the SPARKS fly between them, not just sexually, but the way their fragile love CONSUMED them, even when doing the plainest things and I think the trailer delivers a hint of that. Overall I’m much happier than I thought I’d be. I’m honestly excited for the movie.

I say, roll on February! ;)


Download your very own trailer…

I hope this works, ladies, but click the link to view the HD trailer from a beautiful portal and you can click the link below to download it onto your PC and watch it as many times as you like! ;)


Full Today show trailer

Hello lovely ladies :)

Wow, I think we almost blew up the internet last night! I’ll get to your comments during the day but overall I was impressed. I LOVED that they seem to have stuck to the book and those sexy lines from Christian that just makes you melt.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the link to the Today show as posted by the Laters Baby UK page:


Breathless….. It’s here!

It’s finally here! What are your thoughts, ladies?

yes, yess oh yes

You have to wonder; if the hype is THIS big for the trailer, what will it be like when the actual movie comes around?

My pic makes the rounds…

I don’t know about the rest of the world but it is BUZZING here in Australia as we hold our breath for our first glimpse of Mr Grey….

The Laters Baby UK facebook site posted this about the timing of the trailer:


Also, she was kind enough to pick up my pic:

24 hours

Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies ;)

I hope you like the blog’s new look, just a little facelift to keep things fresh. It’s another cold weekend here but luckily I had a great book to keep me warm this week ;) 


This week I read:


Ask for it by Sylvia Day. This was a good read, very typical of the books in her Georgian series. If you like hot Lords and Ladies and ripping corsets then this one is for you ;)

Currently I’m reading:


Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina and Lauren. I was supposed to read Frigid by J Lynn, but after a strong recommendation from Katherine I opted for Sweet Filthy Boy instead. I’m going to go out on a limb here and give it my Best of the Best award even though I’ve not finished it yet.


This has to be one of the hottest books I’ve read in a long time – hot as doughnut fat! Not sure what that says about me, but damn! I think it’s smokin’ ;)

On my shelf I have:


Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. Another strong recommendation from Susan. Thank you, Editor Fairy! ;)


Then, Kereny just sent me the latest Spanish chapter. Check the sidebar for chapter 30. Thank you, girlfriend! ;)

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This made me chuckle….

booze1 png

I hope you have a stunning week, ladies and I hope your books keep you in great company!

Remember to share your greatest reads with us.

Monique xx


Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies 

I hope this mail finds you enjoying your weekend :)

I’ve given my ending predicament some thought and I will be posting Christmas and Valentine’s Meander into their rightful spots as chapter 70 and 71 after a little bit of tweaking (that’s what I’m busy with right now).  And hopefully, at some point in time, an epilogue…. As I said the last time… watch this space ;)

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I’ve also updated the Spanish version of Meander with chapter 28 and poster the final Italian chapter. Thank you Kereny and Paola! ;)


This week I read:

  whiv  twc  chg

What Happened in Vegas by Sylvia Day was super short, but fun and hot.

The Wedding Contract by HM Ward was a great read. This is a stand alone novel in the Ferro Family series. Lots of tension and heat between the main characters. I loved it.

Changing His Game by Justine Elvira was a cute book and very steamy – the perfect poolside read.

Currently I’m reading:


The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines. I’m liking it so far though the characters are VERY young.

On my shelf I have:


Wait For You by J Lynn. I love this author so I’m looking forward to it!


I loved this little joke! :)


Have a stunning weekend, girls! Don’t forget to share your best reads with us!

Monique xx


Perspective and Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies :)

Firstly, let me thank you for your kind words and good wishes. I really am sorry if the whole END came as a shock, but the story was always meant to end there. The classic, climactic ending was something that I decided upon from very early on in the story so, in my view, it was anything but blunt. I think the fact that I wrote sequel short stories to the main story BEFORE it ended came back to bite me in the hiney; please remember that both “Christmas” and “Valentine’s Meander” are follow-on stories to main Meander.

Regarding the possibility of a book two in Meander, the answer to that is no. Only because, over the last two years, I’ve given you a total of more than six books – and that’s excluding the one-shots. Yes, it’s hard to believe that 300,000 words amounts to six books, but despite not dividing them into actual books, according to the industry standard in this genre, that’s basically how it would have been published – give or take a book or two ;)

 I would also like to address the comments about having left loose ends. If there are any I would happily tie them for you, but as far as I’m concerned, all the dangly bits are neatly tied into the bow of the end: Kate is pregnant, Mia is finally back with Ethan, Chris will bear the Grey name as José is out of the picture (Go, Ana!), and (from “Valentine’s Meander”) we know that Ana is expecting a little girl, plus the house on the sound is renovated, ready for the sparkling future we all know our favorite couple deserves. The fact that you might have wanted the details of those threads does not translate to loose ends. The happy ever after is implied, BUT, I really hate that some of you have come away feeling unhappy (cheated - I think was the word used) with how the end unfolded, so I will be taking some steps to turn those frowns upside down. You’ll have to watch this space…. ;)

Also, I would REALLY love some more reviews on Chapter 69. Those two little words at the very end completely overshadowed the chapter itself. If it stood on its own, how did you feel about the content? 


This week I read:

sdl  st

Seven Day Loan by Tiffany Reisz was another awesome read from this brilliant writer. The BDSM theme is as always much harder than in  FSOG but damn, the woman has a way of developing characters that’s incredibly impressive. Sweet Temptations by Maya Banks was a great action/steamy read, but be warned, if multiple partner scenes are not your thing then this is not the book for you.

Currently I’m reading:


Submit To Desire by Tiffany Reisz. This is another novella in the Original Sinners series.

On My shelf I have:


What happened in Vegas by Sylvia Day


I’ve also updated the Spanish translation of Meander. Thank you Kereny for chapter 27 ;)

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Then, it seems that I’ve lost my Portuguese translators along the way. If you know of anyone willing to take on this love job; translating the rest of the chapters into Portuguese, that would just be awesome!

Lastly, one of the readers shared this – for those of you interested in some Gandy candy….

I don’t know the book or the author, its only for the David fans’s viewing pleasure ;)

hair pull

Happy reading, ladies!

Monique x