Between the covers book club

Hello lovely ladies ;)

Gotta’ love the approach of summer here in the Southern hemisphere! Personally, I can’t wait :) On top of that I had an awesome reading week!


This week I read:

T  play

Tyler by Jo Raven was intense! A little dark but I loved this well-written little gem. I just adore finding a new author that I enjoy and then bask in the delicious luxury of having a whole slew of her books to look forward to! I’m going to give this one my Best of the Best award!


Play by Kylie Scott was a fantastic surprise. I certainly enjoyed book one in the Stage Dive series but this one, book two, was fantastic! I LOVE Mal. He’s definitely my new book boyfriend. He was funny, infuriating, arrogant and, of course, a hot tattooed drummer! LOL! Another Best of the Best from me!


Currently I’m reading:


Lead by Kylie Scott, book three in the Stage Dive series.

I’ve not decided on my next read. I think I might be going with the bikers next…. ;)


Kereny is on the ball with the Spanish translation of Meander and have sent me chapter 37 to post. Find it in the sidebar for your reading pleasure ;)

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Then, I found this…. FSOG Smarties or M&Ms…. 

FSOG smarties

And why not? If we can have ice-cream and wine, why not choccies, right? LOL!

Dread joke

Safety first! Whahahaha!

I hope you have a beautiful week, girls and I look forward to hearing from you!

Monique xx


Book club and chapter 70… the update of Christmas Meander!

Hello lovely ladies ;)

Lo and behold, finally the updated version of Christmas Meander; edited, reworked, rewritten (to include preggy Ana), and MOVED to take up it’s spot as chapter 70! Yay! ;)

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Also, I’ve posted chapter 36 of the Spanish translation of Meander. Thanks, Kereny! :)


This week I read:

ttbg a

Tempting the Bodyguard by Jennier Armentout, book three in the Gamble brothers series was a great read. I enjoyed the action/heat combination that she delivers so well.

Allure by Lacey Weatherford was on Amazon’s “top sellers of the year so far” list so I thought I’d give it a go but it’s a big NO, from me.

Currently I’m reading:


Tyler by Jo Raven, book two in the Inked Brotherhood series, is a first for me from this author. It’s another of those series that you don’t need to read in order.

On my shelf I have:

lead play

Lead and Play by Kylie Scott, book two and three of the Stage Dive series.


Then, just a quick reminder about our 50 Shades! The Musical Parody competition. Caption the pic below and win two tickets to this hilarious show:

caption png

stage final

Competition rules:

50 Shades! The Musical Parody will supply two tickets to the winner of this competition for their show in New York City.  The winning entry will need to supply me with their e mail address. The decision in final. Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash. The winner is responsible for their own transport to the Elektra Theatre, New York City. Monique Lain is not responsible for the correspondence between the company and the winner.

fsog joke

Thank you, Sharon for sharing this little gem…. ;)

Have a stunning reading week, girls and don’t forget to share your fav reads!

Monique xx


Spanish chapter

Hey, girls ;)

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Just a quick note to thank Kereny for her hard work. I just posted chapter 35 in the Spanish translation of Meander. Halfway already!





Best one I’ve seen so far….

Hello, ladies ;)

This is so utterly adorable. I laughed so hard I could barely breathe! Thank you, Susan for sharing this little gem. 

Is there ANYTHING that FSOG hasn’t touched??? LOL!

Not that THIS has something to do with FSOG, but hey, I’m sure you won’t complain ;)

Scot joke


Have a great week, girls ;)

Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies ;)

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Again, an early book club post as the latest Spanish chapter is up. Thanks, Kereny for chapter 33 :)


I know the release of One night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas was later in the US than it was here in Aus but I’d love to get some feedback from you. I’m still reeling from my disappointment. 

This week I read:


The Saint by Tiffany Reisz. This is book one in the White Years series and the follow on book to the Original Sinners series. Wow, what a mind-f@ck this was. Just like Søren, Tiffany is a brilliant literary sadist and she tortured my emotions through the whole book, right up to the very last pages. An awesome read and, just like the others in the series, I think deserving of my Best of the Best award.


I’m loving the fabulous-book streak I’m on at the moment. Yay!

Currently I’m reading:


Rogue by Katy Evans. So far the sexy intensity is keeping me enthralled like only Katy can.

On my shelf I have:


Betting On Grace by Nicole Edwards.


Ha! Finally the truth! ;)


I hope you have a beautiful, blessed weekend and I look forward to hearing all about your reading highs and lows!

Monique xx


Book club and MORE of the trailer…

Hello, lovely ladies :)

I hope you’re all still on a high from watching the trailer and lucky us, now that it’s hit cyberspace, there’s a whole slew of fan made delights to titillate us even more:

This is a short clip of an interview with Jamie and Dakota talking about the steamy scenes in the movie. I think it went much better than the pre-trailer interview.

All clips thanks to the Laters Baby UK facebook page:

Also, Sharon shared this:


Like her, this pic gives me hope that just maybe Jamie will be able to pull off the darker scenes that will come from Christian’s tortured confessions during the unfolding of their beautiful story. 

Then, I’m posting the book club post now because Kereny sent me the updated Spanish chapter early. Find chapter 32 in the sidebar, girls ;) Thanks, Kereny!

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This week I read:


Tamed by Emma Chase, book three in the Tangled series. I enjoyed it. The first two featured Drew and Kate’s story and this one is written from Drew’s buddy, Matthew’s POV as he pursues Dee-Dee. It was cute but a little more serious than the first two.

Currently I’m reading:


One Night Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas. I absolutely adore her This Man series, and I was so keen to get to this new creation of hers but so far, (and I’m about eighty percent through), I’m disappointed. I really dislike giving negative reviews and I would love to get feedback from you guys on this one. It’s left me a little stumped, actually. Frankly, I’m only finishing it because I’m hoping the final twenty percent will shed enough light on the way the male protagonist acts to make me forgive him being such an a-hole.

One my shelf I have:


The Saint by Tiffany Reisz.

And of course Katy Evans’s new book, Rogue will be here shortly. I can’t wait! ;)

You’ve gotta’  love pre-ordering a book and one-click-buy! ;)

book stack

Sharon is also responsible for our book club joke this week and ain’t it the truth?

FSOG joke

Thank you for your wonderful support of the countdown and all the great feedback and discussion surrounding the trailer. It was fun sharing it with you.

Have a wonderful weekend mooning over the smokin’ trailer and all the spin-offs that YouTube spoils us with ;)

Come on, girls; share your best reads with us!

Monique xx


Trailer analysis

Wow, so I’ve blown up your inbox with all my posts, and I guess we’ve all seen it like; fifty thousand times now, and have nit-picked it to death. I’ve finally managed to get it onto my YouTube channel and I’m sorry that the downloading link doesn’t work for overseas viewers. Can any Aussies tell me whether it worked for them? Here’s my YouTube link:

Also, I found this. It’s not official but beautiful nevertheless:

Okay, so, here’s what I think; negatives first: Dakota, though beautiful, has an edginess to her that doesn’t sit well for me with the wide-eyed innocence I always pictured Ana to have. She seems worldly to me, playing at coy rather than being so naturally. I would have preferred a more wholesome, girl-next-door look for her. Jamie on, the other hand, I feel is too cute. That pretty-boy face doesn’t have the depth of character of a man who’s been through hell and back as Christian has, but I might just be persuaded to forget all about that when he parades around in those low-slung jeans ;) For me; I wanted to see a darker, more rugged Christian.

Having said that, I’m absolutely thrilled with EL James involvement in the movie; that she didn’t just sell the rights and left it there. I LOVED that what I saw in the trailer was an accurate representation of the book and those deliciously seductive lines that CG delivers so smoothly. I cannot wait for him to say, “Keep still,” or “Come for me.” Lastly, I can easily overlook my concern about the actors provided the movie is true to their all-consuming chemistry and that love that just blindsided them. In short, I want to see the SPARKS fly between them, not just sexually, but the way their fragile love CONSUMED them, even when doing the plainest things and I think the trailer delivers a hint of that. Overall I’m much happier than I thought I’d be. I’m honestly excited for the movie.

I say, roll on February! ;)