Between the covers book club and more…

Hello, lovely ladies!

I hope you’re having a spectacular weekend, and of course that it’s filled with lots of time to spend with a great book, or two, or three….;)

It is the start of the school holidays and all that that implies but I’m hoping to make time to write the next chapter. Please don’t hold your collective breaths though… Little beings demanding attention does not make for ideal writing circumstances… :)


This week I read:


 Theirs To Cherish by Shayla Black. As always her books are smoking hot and I love that they are threaded with a good measure of action. This is part of the Wicked Lovers series, number eight in fact, featuring characters that you encounter throughout the series, but they can all stand alone. A word of warning though, if a threesome or in some cases a foursome is not your thing, this is not the series for you.

Currently I’m reading:


 Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige. This is book one in the Fixed series. I’m liking it so far. It’s the classic un-tamable bad-boy gets tamed story.

On my shelf I have:

fiy  twisted

 Found In You by Laurelin Paige, book two in the fixed series and Twisted by Emma Chase, book two in the Tangled series. I’m having a hard time deciding if I should give my book hangover a break and go with the more lighthearted Tangled follow-on or if I should just immerse myself in more of the Fixed series….. Decisions, decisions…


Thanks to Paola and Kereny I’ve updated the Italian version of Meander with chapter 65 and the Spanish version with 23 :)

it disk1 ven button1

 And as it’s one of my favorite pass times I’m going to tease you some more with a little taste of 67….


“…“Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re ditching this vehicle and taking another. Please, no squandering time, no funny business. We don’t have time to waste and I won’t hesitate to… coerce your cooperation.” His pointed look is sharp and directed at me, bearing an intensity that I instinctively know not to underestimate….”


I hope you enjoyed this little joke as much as I did. Too true! LOL!

Have a good reading week, ladies and please remember to share!

Monique x


Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies. 

I hope this weekend is treating you well. 

I have to say that I’m thrilled to see all the new readers on the blog. I love that FSOG still seems to be an evergreen love. To my long suffering followers, thank you for your continued support and a hearty welcome to the newbies :)


This week I read:


Aftershock by Sylvia Day. This is book two, the final book in this super short series. Again, I loved it, but I really disliked how short is was.

Currently I’m reading:


Fueled by K Bromberg. This is book two in the Driven series. It took me a while to get around to reading book two. It’s not that I didn’t like the first one, it’s just that it is so like FSOG in so many ways that I always feel like I’m reading a copy of of the original. I know a lot of readers thoroughly enjoyed it and, so far, it is a good read.

On my shelf I have:


Theirs to cherish by Shayla Black. Please note that, if you read it prior to my review, this book might contain menage scenes ;)


I hope you have a blessed week, ladies and please pass on your best book finds!


Happy reading!

Monique x


Between the covers book club and more

Hello, ladies!

How is your Sunday shaping up? My darling husband is whisking me away next weekend so I’m hoping to have the next chapter done before then – please note I’m HOPING :)


This week I read:

rapt  ul

Rare and Precious Things by Raine Miller. This is book four in the Blackstone Affair series. I enjoyed it, but as one reader already mentioned, a tad anti-climatic. Good read though and series well worth enjoying.

Unlocked by Maya Cross. This is book three in The Alpha Group series. I enjoyed this series, I liked that, for a change, the setting is Australian, and I always enjoy a little bit of action alongside all the hotness. A good read.

On my shelf I have:

ab  two

Afterburn by Sylvia Day and The Wild Ones by M Leighton. I must say that I’m looking forward to see what Sylvia is going to do with fresh characters. I love Gideon and Ava so much, it’s hard for me to imagine that I could like another couple more.

Dr Suess: relevant whether you’re six or sixty!


And I know of a few readers who will be happy to see the return of the teaser ;)


“…“Sir, with all due respect, it’s damn near impossible to guard someone who doesn’t want to be watched.” To underscore his point he tips his head my way – a reminder of me giving Sawyer the slip…”

ven button1

Kereny is working her hiney off and sent me chapter 19 of the Spanish version of Meander – see it freshly posted in the sidebar ;)

This is priceless ladies – have a laugh with me :)



Have a beautiful day! Don’t forget to share your great reads with us!

Monique x


Between the covers book club

Hello ladies!

I hope you had a steamy Valentine’s weekend, and I’m soooo happy that you enjoyed my Valentine’s update! ;)


This week I read:


Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz. A very cute, steamy read. Short and sweet, this little novella was HOT! Loved it!

Currently I’m reading:


All the Pretty Poses by M Leighton. This is turning out to be a stunning read. I’m really enjoying it!


I’ve also updated the 16th chapter of the Spanish translation of Meander. Thank you Kereny! 

ven button1


I hope you have a stunning day, and don’t forget to share your best reads with us!

Monique x


Between the covers book club and news…

Hello lovely ladies.

I’m sorry to say that I did not manage to finish my chapter for this weekend. My week was just… well, CRAZY! I know that you’re disappointed but I also trust that you understand.

Team 50 is on fire and the cast for the elusive movie of your favourite book is coming along very quickly now:


Dylan Neal to play Bob


Marcia Gay Harden to play Grace


Rita Ora to play Mia


Max Martini to play Taylor


Eloise Mumford to play Kate


This week I read:


Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard. I have not finished, even my reading took  back seat this week. This is book three in the Gabriel series, and on par with the other two, though I’m still not entirely convinced. I like them, but I don’t LOVE them, and I have a really hard time picturing the male lead.

On my shelf I have:


Breathe Me In by Cherrie Lynn. I’m looking forward to this one, Ghost and Macy, but a short story prequel.


it disk1 Thanks to Paula, I’ve just posted chapter 60 in the Italian translation…

We’ve had LEGO inspired FSOG, but look what Barbie is up to… LOL!

Barbie FSOG

I hope you have a beautiful week, ladies!

Happy reading!

Monique xx


Between the covers book club and chapter 61

Hello lovely ladies.

I hope this post finds you well and enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Please find the latest chapter of Meander –  chapter 61 – in the sidebar. I hope you enjoy!

Then, I’d like to share some news. Apart from the upheaval that is to come with the imminent arrival of the silly season and the holidays, we are also moving! Yes, you heard me… again! And this time, it’s a big one. We are moving all the way to Queensland and it’s going to be an absolute whirlwind, with trips back and forth, and a mad schedule, so I really am going to rely on your patience where my story is concerned. I will keep you updated, as much as I can ;)


Then, onto our book club segment…


This week I read:


Beauty And The Feast by J.R. Barret. Susan passed this one one to me – thank you my friend! ;) It’s not from an author that I know but I so enjoyed it. With the tumult of the moving news and being sick, I really appreciated the light hearted read. A great in betweener for those book hangovers and of course, it features food… my second love after books…


it disk1 Paola is on fire with her translating at the moment and has sent me chapter 59 in the Italian version of Meander.

I came across this, I thought it was super funny… Where raisins come from… or making grapes… depending on how you look at it! LOL!


Have a beautiful week ladies.

Remember to share your great reads with us!

Monique x


Between the cover book club and Chapter 58

Hello ladies!

I trust that you’ve had a good weekend.

Chapter 58 is up, fresh off my laptop and unedited – better late than never huh? ;)

book club

This week I read:

price of a kiss

Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage. This was a big surprise. I really enjoyed it. A great read, a little gem worth pursuing.

book i7


Have a wonderful reading week ladies!

Monique x


Book club and teaser

Hello ladies,

I hope you are all having a good weekend!

It was my hubby’s birthday last weekend and I had the pleasure of treating him to  a show. Le Soiree is an Aussie production, and if you ever have the opportunity to see it, do ourself a favour, but I wanted to share the finale with you. It has nothing to do with you FSOG, but it’s a little titbit I’m sure you’ll enjoy, if for no other reason than to marvel in the sheer showmanship of the act:

book club

This week I read:


Fever by Maya Banks. I finally I got around to it, ;) and  It was good. I enjoyed it and will be reading the third instalment shortly!

Currently I’m reading:


Wicked Ties by Shayla Black. I’ve read it before but I felt the need to return to this incredibly steamy novel. As far as I’m concerned, one of the hottest ever, and a firm favourite of mine. Be warned though, it is smoking hot and contains menage scenes… but the male lead is a super Dom, and just yum!

On my shelf I (almost) have:


Everything For Us by M Leighton, book three in the Bad Boy series. It is to be released on the 12th of September from the Kindle store and I cannot wait. I loved the first two; Down To You and Up to Me.

I thought this would be appropriate in the light of our movie news this week… I hope we are all recovered fro the shock of finally having a cast. LOL!

Also, don’t forget to leave your review on chapter 56 to stand a chance to win a hamper from Spicy Subscriptions ;) The competition will run until I post chapter 57.


As I’m updating fortnightly, I will be teasing you on the alternate  weekends with a taste of the following chapter:


Chapter 57

“…”It’s much worse than we thought sir. The GE mainframe server is completely overrun, and despite the various press releases it doesn’t seem to be letting up.”…”

I hope that gives you something to chew on during the week. LOL!

Have a great reading week ladies, and don’t forget to share your treasured book finds with us!

Monique x


Chapter 56

Hello dear readers.

It’s here! Hot of my laptop! LOL! ;)

I will do the book club post tomorrow as there is just too much news in this post.

Also, I’m trilled to announce a little competition here on our blog! A company called Spicy Subscriptions approached me, offering one, lucky reader a chance to win a Deluxe 50 Shades of Grey product with sample products

ss2  ss1

Spicy Subscriptions adds spice to your love life!

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  • The competition will close on Sunday the 8th September and the winner will be announced in the Sunday’s Book club post.
  • My decision is final
  • The prize is not exchangeable

I’m also pleased to introduce to you, Meander’s Spanish translator:

Kereny Camargo: was born in San Cristóbal, Venezuela. She is 26 years old, and works as a telecommunications engineer. She loves to learn about new cultures, lifestyles, new adventures, and getting to know the world around her is a fascinating pass time.
Kereny  ven

In Kereny’s own words: ” I enjoy being surrounded by the nature.  I’m in love with a fictional character, the great Master of my Universe Mr Christian Grey…  I’m multifaceted, I love art in all its expressions, music, films, painting, theatre and television, all those connect to the windows of my soul. I enjoy photography, which capture memories of my life which seems more real caught on film. Sensual literature has become a favourite of mine, along with romantic fiction. It lets my imagination take me to places I never knew it could go. I love and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also host a radio show every Wednesday. It’s called “Generation Mix” which I really love doing as it entertains people. It’s a pleasure for me to be able to give life to the Spanish Meander, I thank Monique for the opportunity, and hope you guys like it.”


As with all the wonderful translators who offer their precious time and efforts for Meander, I’m the grateful one. Truly touched that Paola, the Super Hot Portuguese Translator Team, and now Kereny are passionate enough about my story to contribute in such a big way.

Thank you ladies!

Between the covers book club

Hello ladies! 

I hope that you are all having a GREAT weekend.

Let me just take a moment to tell you that I really appreciate every single one of you. I just sent an e-mail to a dear reader, reminding me, and it’s something I’ve touched on, replying back to your comments, but every time I read your messages, see how you interact with me and with the other blog users, my heart swells with pride. You are a wonderful bunch of ladies (and the odd gentleman). It struck me when I had Sasha on as guest writer, and then, more recently, ladies commenting on each other’s posts. Always kind, always in the best of spirits.

So, thank you ladies for never being catty and letting your inner beauty shine through!


We are A GO!!! with the Spanish translation of Meander, so I am super chuffed with that! I shall introduce my wonderful translator when she manages to put a little bio together for me.


This week I read:


The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz.  I was supposed to read Fever, but set it aside for this LONG awaited conclusion in a series that I LOVE! Tiffany has four, full novels in the Original Sinners series, (The Siren, The Angel, The Price, and The Mistress) with various novellas completing the range. The BDSM in these are quite hardcore, but there are lots of funny bits, intrigue, and I adore the main character, Nora. She’ got a LOT of spunk! I also had no idea how this conclusion was going to end – exciting stuff! Tiffany didn’t disappoint, another excellent read!

On my shelf I have:

weth  fever

Wethering The Storm by Samantha Towle, book two in a very well written hot boy rocker series, and still, Fever by Maya Banks.

book j8

I also posted chapters 47 and 48 in the Italian version of Meander. Thank you Paola! ;)

So I don’t know about you ladies, but I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to my phone… I might need some intervention soon! LOL!


I wish you a wonderful week!

Happy reading, and don’t forget to share your book treasures with us! 

Monique ;)