Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies

How was your week? Mine was awesome considering the book high I’m on. Yay! But more about that later…

Again this week was pretty quiet where the movies are concerned. I guess the next big thing would be to start seeing some actual footage. I’m looking forward to seeing Erika’s vision in action. Exciting stuff!

Every mommy will understand this pic Sharon sent me:


Right? Blessed, quiet time to read…. LOL!

Also, I wanted to chat about something someone mentioned recently: how very strange it is that we all have FSOG in common, but our book loves after can vary so greatly. It’s a good and very valid point, a tidbit of info I’ve found fascinating since I’ve had this blog. I’ve said it before, but I’d like to reiterate that what differentiates us is beautiful. I love you guys sharing with me and with each other. Please don’t feel put off if we don’t all agree on our favorite reads. The whole point of sharing here is to make a more informed choice about the books we choose (or avoid), but the occasional hit-and-miss is inevitable. Please don’t let differing opinions keep you from sharing the things you love. One girl’s DNF is another girl’s treasure. I wish I could share with you my perspective of all the readers I come across here, on all my social media, and via email, to share with you my incredibly diverse stats from ALL over the world. We come from such unbelievably varied backgrounds, cultures, and attitudes it’s little wonder that we have contrasting tastes. I still think it’s absolutely wonderful that we are united in our love for Fifty AND reading. Never be shy to share!

finger hug

So, let’s look at my (mostly) yummy book week:

This week I read:

c pm ff

Calico Callie Hart was fantastic. It had a touch of darkness, but the author wrote it in such a way that didn’t give me nightmares (phew!), yet still managed to paint a touching picture of the female protagonist’s past. I loved this grown-up, gritty book, carefully threaded with a good dose of realism. It was a great rec! Thanks, Kath:)

I then reached for Play Me by Katie McCoy, thinking that a lighter pace was in order after Calico’s grip, but it turned out to be the black mark on my otherwise spotless reading week. I could not even call it a poolside read. Just 9% in, it went on my DNF pile. Just goes to show – AGAIN – never judge a book by its cover. I was thinking along the lines of Elle Kennedy or Kristen Callihan. I was so wrong.

But then… I had my first taste of J. B. Salsbury. I read her Fighting Fate story, book six in the Fighting series. Yes, I know it’s odd to start so late in a series, but I always like to check out the latest on offer to see if I’d be prepared to work my way back, especially in a series where the books may be read as standalones. And Whaddya’ know? Like Calico, it easily made it onto my favourites list. I really enjoyed this tale of hesitant souls fighting to find their way to each other. I’ll definitely be getting to know more of these alpha fighters.

Here’s a little taste of Killian and Axelle’s journey.


Currently I’m reading:


Paper Princess by Erin Watt, book one in The Royals series. I’m very keen on this. It’s my understanding that this is a pseudonym Elle Kennedy uses writing alongside Jen Frederick.

Who knows where I’ll go next? If The Royals work out for me I might continue on in this series.

This made me laugh. I just love the cheeky things kids come up with:


A little Christian Grey in the making, huh?😉

Have a beautiful weekend, girls. I’ll see you next week!

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Between the covers book club and Spanish chapter

Hello, lovely ladies

I trust you had an awesome week and that you spent a good deal of time with some beautiful delicious reads. 

For the Spanish readers, please find Spanish Meander – Grey holiday in Spain in the sidebar. This is a short story I wrote BEFORE I finished Meander. This is the second last story to be translated. Wow, what a journey it’s been. Kereny, you are a star!

venezuela small

I absolutely ADORE this pic Sharon shared with me this week. A very LITERAL book boyfriend….

book boyfriend

Cool, huh?😉


This week I read:

d mp

Deception by Aleatha Romig, book three in the Deception series, was okay. I will continue the series, I think she’s heading for five in total, but I’m not completely in love. Too many plot holes for my liking. I guess I’m hoping that she’ll draw it all together in a pretty, tidy bow, but I cannot imagine that it will be the case.

Mr Perfect by J. A. Huss was not for me. I chose this above Calico because I was in the mood for the comedy that this one promised, and initially, it certainly delivered. What I didn’t enjoy was the 0 to 100 km/h style lovin’. I guess it’s pretty strange that, as an erotica writer, I’m so anti sex-off-the-bat, but I NEED the love (or at least a connection) to spark and develop between characters before they jump each other’s bones. Sadly it’s gone on my DNF pile, but I can see the appeal. If quick (rough) heat is not an issue for you, then you might like to dip your toes in this one. As a side note, this is the third book I’ve read by this author and all three were COMPLETELY different from the previous. It’s very unusual in our genre to see such diversity in overall theme, feel, and content. Not sure what to think about that, but if you were expecting this book to be something along the lines of her acclaimed Three, Two, One story, then you’ll be in for a helluva’ surprise.

Currently I’m reading:


Calico by Callie Hart. This was another rec, and so far, I can see why. Phenomenal writing and complicated characters make this book feel grown-up and sophisticated. Will report fully next week…

On my shelf I have:


Fighting Fate by J. B. Salsbury, book six in the Fighting series. I’ve not read this author before, so here’s hoping…

So, imagine walking in on this in a hotel room:


Naughty, I know, but oh-so creative! LOL!😉

It was lovely chatting with you, girls. Thank you for always thinking of me, sending me pics, and book recs, and jokes, and links. I love hearing from you! 

Have a happy weekend!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

Happy, happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day

And just for this auspicious occasion, I thought I’d get you a handy home appliance…



Cottoning on to the conversation we’ve started last week about new scenes being included in the movie, here are some pics of Christian going down in Charlie Tango. Seems we won’t just be hearing about it from Ana’s panic, but rather, we’ll see him and Ros in all the scary action. Thank you, Susan for the links!

charlie tango

This pic is from the Fifty Shades of Grey Fan site. See larger pics here, and here.

What’s Filming has more behind-the-scenes information and pictures of the Charlie Tango set.

As we’re knee-deep in sharing the pleasure books bring us, I would like to pass on this gem from Sharon:


Such truth. Love it!😉


This week I read:

lm t

Ladies Man by Katy Evans, book three in the Manwhore series, was great. With this book Katy reconnects with what I believe she does best: the burning yearning build-up between two skittish would-be lovers. SPOILER ALERT: there are very few writers in our genre that can get away with holding off on the hot lovin’ until the bitter end of a book but still keep you enthralled. Interesting technique to keep you wanting more…😉

Throb by Vi Keeland, book one of the Life on Stage series, was another awesome read. I loved the premise. And I always adore a story of a man who knows EXACTLY what he wants! *wink, wink*

Currently I’m reading:


Deception by Aleatha Romig, book three in the Infidelity series.

On my shelf I have:
c mp

Calico by Callie Hart and the highly recommended Mr. Perfect by J. A. Huss.

this man

Also, I’ve started a slow reread of Mr. Ward, Lord of the Manor again. I LOVED Jesse the first time around, and this time seems no different, but I’m noticing one helluva update. As was the case with the recent Crossfire series, the intimate language is softer and further, I noticed that she’s removed A LOT of the (British) Englishisms, some of which were a little off-putting in the original text mainly because they were heavily overused. I like the changes, but would love to hear from someone who’s read it recently and can compare notes with me. If you’ve not had the pleasure, check out Jodi Ellen Malpas’s Beneath This Man series

I saw this little joke. It made me laugh. Men, huh? Oblivious! LOL!


I wish you a beautiful day, and if you are lucky enough to be a mommy, I hope you get spoiled and take a moment to remember what a blessing it is to carry the honored title of mom. One last time:

happy mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

I hope ya’ll had a good week. Over here in Oz autumn is in full swing. We’re seeing a steady change in minimum and maximum temperatures. I always feel sad to see the summer go. 

As far as the movies are concerned, Susan shared the following:

50 Shades Girl Portland – Shooting on The Grace

Just Jared – Dakota’s mom, Melanie Griffith, visits the set

Laters, Baby – Danny Elfman returns for the score of Darker

Just Jared – Brant Daugherty Goes Shirtless to Flaunt Buff ‘Fifty Shades’ Bod

50 Shades Girl Portland – The cemetery. I think this is probably the most interesting one… Do you remember, at the end of Freed, when we got that glimpse into their future life in the meadow with Teddy and baby number two on the way? Ana asks Christian if he wants to name their coming baby girl after his mother. He tells her no, but he does mention that she (Ana) had dragged him to his mother’s grave, obviously in an effort to find closure. In the book we don’t read anything more about it (other than that mention), but it begs the question, why are they filming something that seems like that scene? Are we looking at bonus material? Perhaps a whole extra movie? Considering the length of the story it’s not like they’re lacking scenes. If anything, they will have to cut some in order to fit the book into the mandatory film slot time. Why this meander into a barely there avenue when there are so many parts of the book we want to see come to life on the silver screen?


Then, completely unrelated to the movie, but still worth highlighting because of the great cause: check out Bored Panda’s feature on firefighters posing with rescue puppies for charity…

firefigers and puppies

Cute, huh?😉 Thank you, Kereny for the great link!


This week I read:


Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley, book seven in the Rock Chick series, was okay. No great shakes for me here, but I cannot exactly pinpoint why it wasn’t my thing. Technically, it ticks most boxes, but, for me, it lacked va-va-voom.

Currently I’m reading:


Ladies Man by Katy Evans, book three in the Manwhore series. This is playboy Tahoe and love-shy Gina’s story. So far, things are looking good…

This week I’m expecting:


Deception by Aleatha Romig, book three in the Infidelity series. Originally I wasn’t crazy about this story, but it’s sorta’ grown on me. Let’s hope book three does not disappoint.

And as it’s almost the new month, here are the new May releases – compliments of Goodreads:





I absolutely LOVE getting this monthly email telling me of what’s to come. It’s my favorite Goodreads feature:)

Lastly, Sharon shared this. Worth a try, don’t ya’ think? LOL!


 Have a fantastic weekend, girls. And don’t forget to share your treasured reads with us!

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Between the covers book club

Hello, lovely ladies😉

How are you this fine weekend? Here in Aussie we’re enjoying a long weekend. Yay! I vote for permanent 3 day breaks. Whaddaya say, girls?

And as it’s almost Remembrance Day (or ANZAC Day here in Aus), let’s take a moment to think of the brave souls that defend and protect the liberties we so enjoy. 

As far as I know, not much is going on in our FSOG universe at the moment. If you come across something juicy, please feel free to share. 


Let’s look at my reading week….

h d

So, I finally bit the bullet and finished Hush by E. K. Blair, book three in the Black Lotus series. I can honestly say that I’m happy to be done with this one. The writing is good, and the storyline is certainly meaty, but I cannot say that I actually enjoyed reading it. The dreadful premise is so heart wrenching and, at times, very graphic. By book two it got so much that I wondered why the author bothered to keep the main character going. I would have written her straight out of her misery. Luckily, book three wasn’t quite as harsh, but the twist at the end was… interesting. Not that it was a great, big shock, I’d often wondered if this particular tale would deliver a HEA. If you’re into dark reads, you might want to take a peek at this one.

Dirty by Kylie Scott, book one in her new series, Dive Bar, was the complete opposite to Hush. I LOVED it. Again, this came as no surprise considering how much I adored the Stage Dive series. And colour me happy: my fav from book two, ADD drummer, Mal Ericson, put in an appearance along with new-story hottie, Vaughan who’s now made it onto my book boyfriend list. It was a great read. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series brings. As a side note: these books can be read as stand alones.

Currently I’m reading:


Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley, book seven in the Rock Chick series. This is my first forray into the Rock Chick saga, though I’ve read other books by Kristen. I have to say, so far, it feels quite different from her previous stories. I’m curious to see how it pans out.

Here’s a little something I saw on Facebook that I think most women will relate to:

"Summer Reading" --- Image by © Beathan/Corbis

Ain’t that the truth? LOL!

(Caption credit to Facebook user)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies. Remember to check in and share your best reads with us!

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Between the covers book club

Hello there, lovely ladies:)

So? How was your week? Mine was off-the-charts busy. *sigh* It only takes one day back at work for me to forget I ever had a break. LOL!

Firstly, I’d like to share this: a reader from Germany with a serious Fifty crush. Check out her licence plates and the little FSOG inscriptions below…



Cute, huh? #CGLovin’😉

This past week, Susan shared this with me from the Fifty Shades of Grey Fan site: some movie pics of Jamie in what we assume is the meadow of the house on the sound. It got us talking about how smoking hot a defined and veined male forearm is, especially if it comes with a chunky watch. Very, very nice.

arms2 arms1

Do you agree, girls? Height of hot maleness, right? And note the rings of wedded bliss😉

I got this great nugget from Angelique. I love this “happy-ever-after” shot of our favorite couple and their little Teddy…

happy ever after

And this, because: Jamie…


Another interesting find by Susan is this article from E Online: Why We’re Way More Confident in the 50 Shades Sequels. It gives me hope!


This week I read:

sus sa

This week, the almost reading slump I briefly touched on a month ago was back, full tilt. It started out with a disappointing Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. As much as I absolutely adored Cocky Bastard (CB), in contrast, Stuck-Up Suit was, at best, a poolside read. Though the story is sweet, it felt very short, almost rushed. Such a pity, considering how romantically nourishing I found CB. Then, there was none of the intensity I felt in the connection between the previous book’s characters, but it did make me smile at times. Lastly, I felt the lovin’ was cursory, the low-fat version, if you will. The pair made for a good team in the past, I’m not sure what went wrong.

Stanton Adore by T.L. Swan, book one in the Stanton series, capped the downward spiral of my book choices. Let me start out by saying that the story has merit, but the writing is so bad, it killed all the pleasure I might have gotten from the story. What a shame. For a paid, published book a great editor is worth their weight in gold. Just sayin’.

On my shelf I have:


Hush by E.K. Blair, book three in the Black Lotus series. I’ve been a little scared to pick this up. The first two, though good, were harrowing in parts, but luckily I got a reassuring email this weekend that may give me the courage to go here next. Yes, I am an emotional sissy! LOL! I always think that the world is so full of horrible that I don’t want to spend my free time reading more hurt and horror. Will let you know my thoughts, and if you’ve read it already, please feel free to share.

Thank you for listening to me rant, ladies. Hopefully I’m onto new and beautiful reading highs this week. And talking about this coming week… I am looking forward to Kylie Scott’s new series, Dive Bar. Remember her? She wrote the awesome Stage Dive series, book two of which still features in my top ten reads. I LOVED cocky Mal Ericson. #BookBoyfriend


I’ll leave you with an undeniable truth:


Oh dear. LOL! ;) 

If you have a great book to share or if you want to warn us away from a cr@ppy read, this is the place!

See ya’ next week!

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Crossfire special edition book club

Hello, lovely ladies:)

My week of holiday has come and gone *sigh* How come times of rest never feel long enough? LOL! And before it slips my busy mind, thank you so much for all the well wishes. Thanks to laser surgery I’ve now ditched my spectacles! Yay!


Let’s move onto movie news: this last week saw a lot of fresh pics from FSOG sets/scenes. I bet you remember when Christian naively lead Ana to Esclava for a haircut. Silly, silly man!



See more from The Stir.

Then, the Laters, Baby site reported that Hugh Dancy landed the role of Dr Flynn:


Personally, I think he looks a little younger than expected, but otherwise, he seems suitable.

Lastly, Susan shared this fascinating article: Unsloppy Seconds taken from Entertainment Weekly and posted by the Fifty Shades of Grey Fan site. I was particularly interested in reading about the high level of Erika’s control in the movie, and her vision to focus on the meat of Ana and Christian’s relationship rather than the steamy side. It made me feel VERY hopeful for Darker.


This week I read:

NB: Please note that the review WILL contain spoilers from below the warning stamp.



I finished my re-read of the Crossfire series, book three and four, Entwined With You and Captivated by You by Sylvia Day. Though I STILL love the series, I maintain that book three, and especially book four, felt like long chapters rather than books that stand on their own merit. The stretching of the series, to me, made the writing feel just a little lazy. It’s also very interesting to note that she softened the intimate language over the course of all the books. My guess is that she wanted to make it more appealing to those readers whose first brush with the erotic genre was with FSOG and Erika’s “good-girl” language. Intriguing…

 One With You by Sylvia Day, book five in the Crossfire series was a loooong read. Not that I’m complaining. After the epic wait it was great to sink into something substantial. Also, it was jam packed with all the things that made Gideon and Eva so special, and, as ever, Sylvia’s beautiful writing style did not disappoint. I’ve always loved Gideon’s specific brand of Alpha. Overall I liked it, awarding it four stars on Goodreads, but it’s not without it’s issues. One of the main things we’ve been discussing through the course of the series were the loose ends, and though a lot of questions were answered, I was surprised to be left with some serious unanswered story lines, and even some new ones.

Spoiler alert

  • Firstly, I struggled with the Cary, Trey, and Tatiana plus baby dynamic: is it his or not and is he and Trey going to patch things up?
  • Gideon’s mom: why does she refuse to believe/acknowledge his abuse? What’s the story there?
  • What about Corinne’s book? Will it still be published? And if so -naturally – we’d like to see the blowback of that.
  • There was also no resolution from the Landon’s. Did the GenTen blow away the competition? We also never found out if Landon’s wife, Angela, was genuine when she invited Eva to Fashion Week or if she was hiding some dodgy agenda.
  • One of the things that bothered me the most was the whole Hall thing. This was, in my opinion, the pivotal moment of the book, but she had SO MUCH going on that I don’t believe she brought the scene justice, needing to move on to the next thing to keep the book flowing and not growing too long (though, it has to be said, that a good book can never be too long). The whole scene was short and poorly explained. And the fallout?? What on earth happened to Anne as a consequence?? Considering Gideon’s tremendous resources, why the hell don’t we know more?
  • I absolutely loved the addition of Lucky, though I would have liked to see Eva’s thoughts on the matter and whether the puppy’s instincts was the actual reason she got him (that’s not what she told Gideon…) or was it all just a happy coincidence?
  • Lastly, and most confusingly, the ending with Eva’s mom’s secret background revealed, to me, seemed like a gratuitous complication. One that the book didn’t need to make it more riveting. There was more than enough brewing in the background, tension wise. Not only was the explanation unclear, but why take on the identity of an existing person, someone she knew and who knew her (and could possibly follow her movements/keep tabs on her)? Especially the daughter of the family she must hate. Why keep their name despite never hiding Eva’s dad’s identity? And if she had an affair with Eva’s dad in the course of that abusive relationship with her first husband, and considering the bloodhound cop instincts of Victor Reyes, would he not have known that the woman he loved was being assaulted? He does NOT strike me as the type of man who would let that go.

As a sidenote, and for those of you who REALLY like to nitpick, with Monica’s developing headache after Gideon’s talkshow interview, Eva offers her the guest bedroom, the one that was made up like Eva’s from her apartment, but in the previous book, that bedroom was cleared entirely for the swing… Huh.

Well, girls, that was a mouthful. Let’s discuss! Don’t you just love a big, juicy story?😉

Let me leave you with this, the next dress I might invest in…


Happy week, ladies!

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