More suggestions from our readers


Alexander Skarsgard

Henry Cavill


Robert Pattison

Anyone else have any suggestions? Let me know. 😉

12 thoughts on “More suggestions from our readers

  1. Alana says:

    I’m still a Ryan gosling Lucy hale fan!! Ps can’t wait for chapter twenty!! I have to send out a group fb alert when you upload a chapter to everyone I’ve got addicted we love love love it keep it up!!


  2. Katherine says:

    Hi kathd16 here – found your blog, love it!
    My choice for Christian would be William Levy – hot hot hot


  3. Cquickster says:

    Yes, Pattinson or Bomer are great choices. Great indeed.


  4. skinsavant says:

    my #1 choice is rob pattinson and #2 is henry cavill! both have the talent, the hair, the sexy voice, the smoldering look, the jawline…but rob already has christian’s mannerisms.


  5. Deborah says:

    Alexander looks hot in that pick..I love he is tall, and ripped. I love vampire Eric Northman..He is so dar, scary but incredible sweet when he wants to be. I have a suggestion too…James Scott from Days of our lives..he’s English..super hot


  6. marycontrary82 says:

    I’ll tell you what; I’ll take Skarsgard and you can have everyone else, lol.


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