More on Ana

Alexanda Daddario

Bella Heathcote

11 thoughts on “More on Ana

  1. Sya / mrsdamon says:

    Daddario’s eyes are out of this world! What do you think of her as Ana?
    I saw someone suggested Lily Collins in one blog, hmmm….


  2. I am still not feeling any of those choices yet…


    • Monique Lain says:

      Send me a name and I’ll gladly post it. For Ana I’m still leaning to an unknown actress but she’ll have to be very innocent, doe eyed almost but with a quiet sensuality that makes you look twice….


  3. JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    I think I would be perfect. Maybe they need a stunt double for Ana? Wouldn’t want her to get hurt during some of those scenes. I’ll play!


  4. Sya / mrsdamon says:

    i can imagine waiting lines as long as a few kilometers LOL….the Steele girl should be someone totally mesmerizing, probably an unknown who will blow us all away…her character’s the toughest to pull off! Btw, check out Lauren Watson for Ana (the pix on this site:


  5. Sya / mrsdamon says:

    LOL ms. louisvuittonfreak, you’re a tough one to please! Who do you have in mind? Mine is still Alexandra Daddario FOR NOW….or even Lily Collins hmmmm…

    I think Ana is much more attractive than she thinks she is….CG has been with so many beautiful woman & he is so good looking himself…he’ll not go below average; so for someone to totally capture his eyes must be totally beautiful but not flaunting it (just that Ana is unaware of her own beauty or being self-depreciating)


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