More Candidates to Play Christian


Channing Tatum


Justin Hartley

7 thoughts on “More Candidates to Play Christian

  1. Channing Tatum ….yummy


  2. marycontrary82 says:

    I’m still voting Skarsgard, but the second guy is pretty hot, too.


  3. Deborah says:

    I just saw a Chanel no 5 commercial featuring Brad Pitt…back I the day he would’ve been my number one pick for Christian…he’ll I would still pick him!


  4. hisboo13 says:

    idk both are sexy but i really dont see channing having a dard side to him. and the other dude doesnt have copper hair lol


  5. JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    Love Justin. (PS his hair is darker now)


  6. Quickster says:

    In his younger days I would’ve opted for Keanu Reeves. But, I’m still in R Pattinson corner with a beefier chest. Or Bomer, he’s got it all- could be taller. Alexander’s very right on but too old and Channing all wrong. Personally Ian S skeeves me out IMH, creepy guy, IMO. Lol.


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