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Mmmhhh, does this sound familiar ladies?

Mid week teaser…

Chapter 26

A Little something to whet the appetite…

“….The soft blanket of sleep I was nestling into gets yanked away from me by consciousness, making me sit bolt upright as I stare at Christian in gaping shock.

Of all the things he could say right now, this was the last I expected!

“Uhm.” The sound echoes through my empty head, not a single intelligible thought to be found. My blinking eyes seem proof that I’m awake but a part of me is hopeful that I’ve slipped into sleep and was simply dreaming those bewildering words.

“Uhm.” My second try is no more successful as Christian’s full lips curls into lazy amusement, sober eyes watching my reaction – smiling but oh so perceptive….”



Chris Hemsworth – so many different looks….

Ana alternatives


Megan Fox – from innocent to bombshell


Amanda Seyfried – blonde but can go dark…

The Elliots and the Ethans


Alex Pettyfer


Paul Walker


Taylor Kitsch

Chapter rewrite

To those of you following my rewrite of the earlier chapters of Fifty Shades Meander, I am up to chapter 10. No major changes, just applying what I’ve learnt in the process to the older work. Thank you – as ever – for your continued support, without you as the reader and your valuable feedback I would have had no growth!

FSOG forever!



Wow, you’ve got to admire their dedication!