A mid week taste…

A little something to whet your appetite for Chapter 22

“…I sense Christian feeling the swell of emotion and his gaze turns to mine, it’s burning with a lightheaded intensity that conveys every inch of the depth of his feelings for us – so intense it becomes a physical sensation that I feel in the deepest part of my soul. I bask in the glow of it, praying that I’m able to show him the same. When his lips brush mine, I grab a fistful of his shirt collar to hold him to me, “I. Love. You. So. Much.” I breathe into his mouth….”

17 thoughts on “A mid week taste…

  1. skinsavant says:

    can’t wait for chapter 21!!!!


  2. Katherine says:

    Oh you tease!!! cant wait for this chapter


  3. Amy says:

    Gave me goosebumps..can’t wait..every chapter you write is always amazing:)


  4. JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    You evil temptress! Can’t wait for…more.


  5. Deborah says:

    Can’t wait!


  6. cynthia says:

    I cannot wait…. When will it be up? I am Loving this story.


  7. hisboo13 says:

    so excited !


  8. Cquickster says:

    First, I FLOVE the tease chapter notes. Tasty treats to get us ready and thru the week. This sounds really goooooood. Cheers.


  9. marycontrary82 says:

    I love it! I would have reviewed already, but I’m still sick. 😦


  10. atterbury says:

    Anxiously awaiting the next chapter! You are such a tease! Oh, thank you for the Gabriel s’ Inferno and Rapture recommendation! Kept me busy while Hurricane Sandy blew thru our area. It was wonderful now on to the Crossfire series 🙂 You are the BEST! BEST! Liz


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh wow, you okay? I’ve been following it on the news, hectic to say the very least! Up here we’re used to wild weather but the surface area affected in the states just seems so dauntingly large! Stay safe! Glad you enjoyed the Gabriel series, have you read both?


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