A whole lot more on Ana

Olesya Rulin

Jillian Murray

Vanessa Marano

Alice Greczyn

8 thoughts on “A whole lot more on Ana

  1. FL fan says:

    I still vote for Emmy Rossum (middle name Grey), with blue contacts!


  2. hisboo13 says:

    Yayy! Lol yu looked up the photos. I think I like jillian and that alice girl.


  3. Katherine says:

    I like Jillian though to be honest I don’t really care who plays the rest of the parts as long as they get Christian right!!


  4. 1klkelly says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of people choosing Alexis Bledel as “Ana”. She’s pretty but I’m not a fan of her voice. It’s too babyish. My personal opinion.


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