Your mid week taste…

A little bit of chapter 24 to get you in the mood…

…I’m transfixed, eyes glued to our reflection I watch him bend over me as he runs a flat palm from my neck right along my spine. I feel his body heat soaking into me, the ripple of his stomach muscles as he moves, visible in the open line of his unbuttoned dress shirt. His hand comes to rest on the handprint, like he’s confirming it’s his own. A devilish smile curls his mouth before he gently caresses it, sending shivers rocketing through me.

Again his hand glides up my back, this time fisting in my hair as he pulls me up and against him, almost aggressively. With my back fused to his front, he regards me in the mirror, his darkened gaze roaming languidly as I slot my arms around his neck.

“Do you like the mirror Mrs Grey?” …

17 thoughts on “Your mid week taste…

  1. Andrea (And1rea on FF) says:

    I better get that bucket of ice water now….that was HOT!! Yes watching yourselves in the mirror can be mind blowing at times. Can’t wait for more…..only 3 more days until Friday.


  2. Katherine says:

    my oh my oh my!!
    This is going to be good!!
    My hubby is taking me away for a romantic weekend for my birthday I was wondering what to take with me……………now I know all I need is my phone so I can read this chapter 🙂


  3. Damn girl that sounds steamy!!!


  4. blondegirl3 says:

    Hot hot hot! I will need my hubby on stand-by after I read this chapter I am sure!! 😉


  5. karen says:

    Looking forward to the weekend even more now !!


  6. Melissa says:

    Why can’t every day be Friday???? 🙂


  7. 1klkelly says:

    Whew! Can’t wait!


  8. Is it hot in or is it just me? I think I may need to cool myself under a fan for a moment! Can’t wait until Friday 😉


  9. JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    Ooo Ooo!!! I have the song choice for this chapter. It’s Getting Hot In Here by Nellie. LOL Tease!!!
    I think Christian need ring tattoo so all the girls know HE’S taken. Maybe save for an apology for the next time he screws up. (Chapter 25-hee hee).


  10. atterbury says:

    Monique, You are so hard on my respiratory system! One good thing, I can hold my breath longer than before I met you and your breath defying story! Friday can’t get here soon enough!!! Thanks for the treat! Liz


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