My favourite parts of the original Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

Well obviously I loved the whole series but within all great things there were some scenes that leapt out at me, the scenes that I will forever associate with FSOG and my connection to these (I must keep reminding myself) fictional characters.

If you have yet to read the books please note that the following posts will contain spoilers!

Fifty Shades of Grey: Book 1

  • Has to be the scene where Christian finds out that Ana is a virgin:

…”You’re a virgin?” he breathes. I nod, flushing again. He closes his eyes and looks to be counting to ten. When he opens them again, he’s angry, glaring at me. “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?” he growls…

Fifty Shades Freed: Book 3

  • The hickeys he gave her for taking her top off on the beach during their honeymoon:

…I gaze in horror at the red marks all over my breasts. Hickeys! I have hickeys! I am married to one of the most respected businessmen in the United States and he’s given me hickeys. How did I not feel him doing this to me? I flush. The fact is I know exactly why – Mr Orgasmic was using his fine-motor sexing skills on me….

  • When they went to Aspen, clubbing for the night Christian demonstrated to Ana the “literal shortcomings” of her dress:

…”It’s not far from here.” He touches the hem, them moves his fingers higher. “To here,” he whispers. I gasp as his fingers stroke my sex, moving tantalisingly over my panties, feeling me, teasing me…

  • Christian and Ana are staying at the Heathman to be close to Ana’s dad as he recovers after his accident. On the sofa they have some fun with ropes:

…”Bathrobes?” “I’m improvising.” He smirks again and fastens the slipknot above my knee and ties the other end of the soft belt around the finial at the back corner of the sofa, effectively parting my legs. “Don’t move,” he warns and repeats the process with my right leg, tying the second cord to the other finial. Oh my… I’m sitting up, splayed out on the sofa, legs spread wide……….

Christian turns and his eyes lock on mine as he moves around the front of the sofa and sinks gracefully to his knees in front of me. Suddenly I feel very exposed. “Exposed? Vulnerable?” he asks with that uncanny ability to voice my unspoken words……..

“Now, Anastasia, I want you to touch yourself.” Holy cow. “Start at your throat and work down.” I hesitate. “Don’t be shy, Ana. Come. Do it.”

These are actual excerpts from EL James’ brilliant books and the scenes that I enjoyed the most.

Do You agree? What are your favourites?

13 thoughts on “My favourite parts of the original Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

  1. hisboo13 says:

    I think one of my favorites was the first time ana went down on christian lol oh and in fifty shades draker when he used the nipple clamps, his pinky, and the vibrator all at once. Idk how she took all that at one time.


  2. Katherine says:

    My most favourite part was when after the kinkery fuckery in the playroom he “made love to her” whilst playing The First Time Ever I saw Your Face on the ipod!!! No matter how many times I read that it still makes me cry.
    I also love the part where Grace slaps Elena I cheered at that 🙂


  3. JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    So hard to pick one thing. Book 1>
    Ana shocked Christian and flashed that she was wearing his underwear. I liked she could bring out his playful side.
    When she emailed him after researching telling him that she’d seen enough and he showed up at her bedroom door. (I thought ..holy shit!)


  4. JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    Book 2 was my favorite. So much happened, I thought my head would explode.
    When he kissed her outside of Jose’s show and it took his breath away so much that he was had to bend over and breathe. And when he asked her if she enjoyed kinky fuckery.
    Loved the whole masquerade ball.
    My absolute favorite was when he opened the keychain and ordered a little retribution for leaving him hanging. He chased her and swept her up over his shoulder with a smack to her bum declaring ‘Shower time’. Took her into the shower with all her clothes. For a moment it was a carefree and happy time for them. (Next day was pretty hot too).


  5. allysmum says:

    I love all the scenes that people have mentioned but I think my absolute favorite is in Darker, when Christian drops into the submissive pose because he thinks she is going to run again. My heart was in my mouth and I still find that scene so moving each time I read it. In terms of sheer hotness, well for me it would have to be the scene in which he spanks her in his old bedroom during the masquerade ball. Thanks to Christian Grey (or should I say E L James) I have a completely new attitude about the whole sexual spanking thing. Ahem.


  6. Bethann says:

    New follower here and I love your story. I must add my two cents in here. One of my favorite scenes in Book 2 that seems to be overlooked in many fanfiction stories is the alley scene. After his desperate week permanent darkness, his desparate need to intimately connect with Ana and the fact that she is driving him absolutely insane with jealousy at Jose’s photo show simply explodes in a moment in the alley that, I think, even frightens Christian. His loss of control (coming on the heels of his carefully laid and controlled plans) is one of my favorite parts of the second book.

    I think he has to have considered having sex with Ana right there on the spot, too. When he is in the alley, all possessive and desperate, the fact that his brain COULD/WOULD even consider the possibility of sex in a public place –ANY public place since we know that (1) he is a famous and well-sought after person in Seattle and painfully private and (2) that up until now every single relationship he has EVER had has been kept secret and well under wraps. This is quite telling and speaks volumes of his emotional and mental state-of-mind at this point. It would be funny if he wasn’t so distraught.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Hiya and welcome! I’m so glad that you like it! The scene you describe was indeed a powerful one, I don’t think she ever realized just how close they came to some public indecency, how very deeply, madly desperate he was for her!


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