Does this work for you?

cb1  cb2

Christian Bale

15 thoughts on “Does this work for you?

  1. Erica says:

    Whoop whoop!!


  2. No….not feeling it..


  3. Mercia says:

    Oh no! He is way too old.
    My choice has always been, Henry Cavill. He is the same age as Christian, he speaks fluent French and is conversant in, Italian and German. Henry Cavill was Stephanie Meyers choice for, Edward Cullen in Twilight but he was too old too play a 17 year old! He also lost the role of Bond because he was too young!
    He is playing Superman in the next movie, Man of Steel (2013).
    I think his Dunhill ad was just made for Chritian Grey!


  4. Lillimarlene says:

    I think Bale would be excellent. I have two other names on my personal short list, Alexander Skaarsgard and Michael Fassbender. I know they are in their thirties but all three are proper actors and it would be a much better movie if they cast for acting ability as well as looks. Just thought of another one, Rupert Friend.


  5. Katherine says:

    Oh no no no!!
    This is what I am worried about, the studio executives are going to cast someone so wrong to play Christian and it will ruin Fifty Shades for me!!


  6. shiggyb says:

    I dont see it any other way


  7. Ana Bell says:

    He’s too old.


  8. kaz says:

    Agree, too old. he could play CG’s role attitude wise, but he isn’t as good looking as I picutre..


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