Mid week teaser…

A little taste of what’s to come in chapter 29…

“…His suddenly rigid form captures my attention, forcing me to meet his steely stare. I stiffen at the sight of his downturned mouth. The stern warning on his face is enough, there’s no need for words – his silent message is loud and clear.

I know he wants me to let the guilt go but how can I? Everywhere I look I see the results of my senselessness. If I can’t apologise – not that I think it carries much weight anymore – all I’m left with is humiliation stemming from my carelessness.

Ever perceptive he picks op on the dejected slump of my shoulders, “you did what you felt you had to, I get that you did it through some misguided notion to protect me but we both carry an equal share of guilt where this is concerned. Let’s deal with it and see what we can fix?”

He pitches it as a question, eager to solicit my cooperation. I’m so grateful for his infinite capacity for forgiveness, especially where I’m concerned. Who knows what else will pop up in the future? Every time I think we’ve reached the end of my disgraceful list of blunders we stumble over another, it’s depressing…”

24 thoughts on “Mid week teaser…

  1. Mercia says:

    I must be looking at this wrong. Wasn’t Jose listed as the father to protect Jose? Otherwise, wouldn’t people have questioned the need for a divorce? Especially as, Chris was conceived well before Ana left Christian. Oh, it’s so confusing!! I just don’t see how it would protect Christian. Since both he and Ana told everyone that, he had thrown her out!


    • Monique Lain says:

      I’m not sure I understand what you don’t understand but lets see if I can explain. Jose was listed as the father so that Christian didn’t suspect that he was. The time line there is very tight, she would have hoped that Christian believed that she had a prem baby. She was protecting Christian because when she left him she believed that he didn’t want a child/wasn’t ready and she didn’t want him resenting her or the baby so she left. Jose and Ana could have had an annulment as their relationship was never consummated but for him it was a point of pride. Even though she fought it at first she did admit that it was best, if they did get annulled then Christian would have realized that he was the father and probably would have come after her again.


  2. Mercia says:

    Times zones are a, bummer! It is only mid afternoon here, Dec 18th.


  3. Katherine says:

    What has she done now??
    Oh I could slap her sometimes
    I don’t know why I read these teasers I never know where they are going and I’m dying to find out!
    Roll on Friday dont know if I’m more excited about getting two weeks holidays for Christmas or reading your next chapter!


  4. Mercia says:

    One of the departments at my local County have been posting these little items in the local paper. They started with, “I am 1. The most recent one reads; “I am 4”. As that is the age that, ‘Chris’ is, I thought you might like to read it?
    I am 4
    I’m a smooth talking, agile, and observant seeker of adventure.
    I’m kind of a know -it-all, as in I WANT to know it all.
    I have more questions in me than you have answers.
    I’m perceptive enough to sense this can frustrat you, but please don’t discount my inquisitiveness.
    ( Challenge me)


  5. Karen says:

    Love these teasers…. Roll on Friday x


  6. Justin Hartley OR Henry Cavill 4 Fifty says:

    Oh Ana, when will we get past this. God love Christian for having patience with her. You think with all the sex they’ve been having, he would have banged the guilt out if her. LOL.
    Changing my name. I think I’m moving to the Henry Cavill camp for Christian. Started watching The Tudors. I think I’m in love 🙂


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! I’m still team Jesse!


      • Justin Hartley OR Henry Cavill 4 Fifty says:

        I sent you a Jessie FSOG YouTube video. Did you get it? I wasn’t sure if the reply to your email worked. Not sure if this was it but it was similar and he looks damn fine. I have to admit when I saw his photo 1st, I thought that’s Christian. I just don’t know if he can act. But, he can stand there and look pretty that’s for sure b


  7. Mercia says:

    Oh, count me in for, Henry Cavill! Have you seen his, Dunhill ads? The, helicopter and Glider ones? They are on YouTube.
    Henry is the same age as Christian. He is 6ft 1. He speaks fluent French and is conversant in, German and Italian. He can do a, good, American accent. The author of the Twilight series, wanted , Henry Cavill to play, Edward in the movie, but he was too old for that part.
    Thank you so much Monique, for your, Christian and, Ana story. For me, it is the best of the fan fiction online!


  8. Mercia says:

    According to EL James web site, Kelly Marcel was hired by, Universal to write the script for the 50 S of G movie!
    And when it comes to the Christian stakes, who is Jesse? As in, team Jesse?
    I don’t know about Ms Marcel’s skills, but yours are exceptional!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Oh, I hope she does it justice! I hate it when the book and the movie have nothing more in common than the names of the characters!
      Jesse Pavelka. I’ve featured him in October I think if you want to go through the archives here on the blog or just Google image him. He’s my fav for Christian’s role. Let me know what you think.
      Thank you for your lovely words! xx


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