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Some words of wisdom just to keep it real… “A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.”

mat  ian 1

Here are some fan based YouTube trailers, just because dream casting is fun!

Matt vs Ian  This one actually made me think of Meander more than it did FSOG. How cool would that be??

Mid week teaser…

It’s that time of the week again, a little dose of chapter 34 Meander for you…

“…The only thing that kept me from bawling my eyes out was Chris’ sweet enthusiasm for the duration of the ride in Charlie Tango. Inside my heart was breaking, cracking open, splitting with what seemed like a terrifying finality.

Christian, of course, took care of every detail for our covert escape from Seattle. Once we landed we drove to Ray’s in a normal sedan, no tell-tale luxury Audi for us this time. Though the windows were tinted it was one of those cars that were completely unremarkable, so every-day that it was easy to forget.

Taylor even took the precaution of driving straight into Ray’s garage, making us wait until the roller door was firmly shut before letting us get out. All of this just on the off chance that someone was keeping an eye on us.

The sound of the garage door clipping into place made me think of the slam of a prison gate; here we’ll be captive until this mess is resolved. Every second away from Christian was a sentence passed on to me by this bastard thug that was chasing us. I hated him with a rawness that I swore would give me an ulcer…”

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Also, this week I made a little discovery. Sylvia Day has a short story out called Blood and Roses. It has a little bit of Gideon in it. I’m not finished reading it but I thought you’d enjoy seeing a bit of our “other” guy outside the Crossfire series.


I’m shocked!

One of my readers, Lillimarie has just shared with me that Sylvain Reynard, author for the Gabriel series is presumably a man! I’m I just dim not even contemplating the thought? How very unusual for a man to write something so intensely dramatic and romantic. Another little interesting titbit that I’m not sure you knew about but the series has been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey because both originated as Twilight Fanfiction, with the International Business Times reporting that Gabriel’s Inferno differs in that it bears “few similarities to the story that inspired it”. The novel was originally published online as a Twilight fan fiction entitled The University of Edward Masen under the pen name of Sebastien Robichaud. (Wikipedia)

For those of you that see David Gandy as Professor Emerson enjoy the clip…


Have a laugh



Ain’t that the truth…


One for the kiddies…

ian t shirt

For the Ian fans…

Chapter 5 has now been posted for those of you following the Italian Meander..

Cheating on Christian

Up for cheating on Christian with a little Gideon?

dg as g  dg as g1


David Gandy

  jh1  jh

Jed Hill

For me, he may be a little young to play Gideon – if ever there was ever a Crossfire movie and he’ll need longer hair but a good candidate none the less.

Ps: apologies for those of you who would NEVER dream of cheating on Christian. LOL! 😉

Sunday book club


Hello, hello! I can see from the post counts that when we talk about books you galls’ like to chat so for now I think Sundays should be BOOK CLUB DAY! What have you just read, what are you reading and what’s on your shelf waiting for you? It seems we share a similar taste in books so let’s share…

As you know I just read Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn and I loved it so naturally I went and bought the first one (didn’t know she had a series out but it doesn’t matter in which order you read them) – Unleashed. I like it so far but not as much as I liked Rock Me (maybe because it has a lemon scene in so like one I’ve done, I feel a little deflated about that. Here I thought I was being original… LOL). On my shelf, waiting for me is One Night With the Pleasure Pro by Michael Dakota. I must say that I’m curious to read this one as the author is male. Not so sure about that but we shall see…



Ps: thank you Tracy5678 for the inspiration for the book club idea!

Chapter 33

It took all my willpower but here it is, done and dusted just for you. For those of you that are sensitive souls, you may want to keep some tissues handy.

ct at night

I hope you like the song. 😉

Ps: Just because I didn’t have the picture at the time I wrote the honeymoon chapter with Christian and Ana having some fun with chocolate in the hot tub doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share it with you now…

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of Christian…

man choc