Your favourite, please share.

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Seeing that I got such a fantastic response on the “book after FSOG” question here’s another one for you. Inspired by Kathleen’s ladies night

– thank you for that –

What’s you’re favourite Meander scene so far?

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Please don’t hesitate to post your questions for discussion if you have one or want to share.

37 thoughts on “Your favourite, please share.

  1. Camilla says:

    Oh there are so many, but I guess it is when Christian gives in and realizes that he needs to be with Ana and that he is willing to open up and let her back in his life again.
    It is also fantastic when you feel his care and love for her, it is not one specific scene but all through the story. Even when they first meet again, the electrical pull and their love is still there.
    I just love the two of them.


    • Camilla says:

      You’ve made me re-read the whole thing, yet again with this post 😉
      There are just so many good moments in this story. It is very emotional and I do love that they rekindle their romance.
      What I found when re-reading was that I really love the fact that even though she is more open to accepting that he actually loves her, he is still not ready to show her the full force of his love for her.
      I also love that she was able to touch him even after all this time. I suspect that no other will be able to touch him even though he lets her.

      I honestly think that if I were to list all the things I love about this blog, I’d actually just end up copying all your chapters into one post and say “there you go, that’s what I love”


  2. baedrei09 says:

    I LOVED the scene when Christian rips the dress off of Ana. It gave me chills! Also when Taylor opens up about how much Christian loves Ana and how hurt he was when she left. Its wonderful to hear how much someone cares about you from the person themselves, but when someone else tells you, its truly amazing. Also we get to see another side of Taylor that we’re not used to seeing. But my number one favorite part is when Dr. Shawn kisses Ana right in front of Christian. While Ana has had other guys crushing on her. None of them actually gave Christian a run for his money. Literally!!! Lol…I also thought it was pretty bold of him!!


  3. skinsavant says:

    when ana had that special feeling that someone familiar was close by, the first time christian laid eyes on chris, chris’ and ana’s arriving in seatac and christian hugged both of them, chris telling christian that he looked like him, telling chris that christian was his daddy, ana discovering her belongings remained in place, going into the playroom discovering that it hadn’t been used, chris meeting the greys and serving them pizzas they’d made, the pissing contest between christian and dr. shawn (kissing ana in front of christian and christian telling him to stay away from his family), christian decking dr. shawn and carrying ana over his shoulders towards his suite, christian ripping the red dress off ana knowing where it came from, ana and taylor’s convo and of course ALL of the sex scenes!!! jeez, i’m exhausted just thinking about them in my head!!! seriously, you’re asking me to choose…impossible! lol


  4. tracy says:

    Well, without rereading, what comes to mind right away is…when Christian and Ana first meet up, Christian seeing Chris for the first time and saying we need to talk, the pearl collar ( I mean necklace 🙂 ) , Taylor and his guys guarding the restroom while Christian and Ana duck in for a minute, Christian ripping off the dress, the covered up playroom,
    the wedding vows, Christian singing. Ok, it’s official. I have to go back and reread now…


  5. grublue says:

    When Christian and Ana meet again, Christian knowinig immediately that Chris was his son, Ana and Christian almost having spontaneous sex, Chris telling Christian he looked like him, Chris asking if the presents were from his dad, Sean kissing Ana in front of Christian (how bold!), all of the sex scenes, especially the one where Ana uses the trick she read about and the one in the restroom, Claude asking Christian if he abstained from sex (that was in Christmas Meander), the unused playroom, Christian telling Ana he hadn’t have sex for 2.5 years, Christian telling Ana he was friends with Kate.
    These are those that come to mind, but there are many more.


  6. Lynne says:

    Reading all these comments has me wanting to start the story from scratch again. In fact, I think I will.


  7. Linda says:

    the dress-ripping scene, the scene where Chris gave the drawing to Christian and Ana and subsequently when Christian took down an award to reframe that drawing (I think that’s my favorite), the scene where they wandered out to a candlelit hot tub. Lots of really great writing!


  8. Mercia says:

    I don’t think I would have room to mention all my favourite scenes in, Meander. If I have to choose, I must say that my very favourite, has to be when Christians sets eyes on Ana again after so many years.
    I never tire of reading, the prologue and the first 2 chapters. They are so well written. All the emotions are there; from complete despair, to joy, and hope for the future.
    There is just too much to love about Meander. It is a great pity, it cannot be published as a book.
    So long as you don’t get tired of writing it, Monique , I will not get tired of reading it!


  9. Lisa Zeigler says:

    Gosh, so many to choose from! First, when Christian and Ana meet at the zoo, Chris telling Christian that they look alike (hair), when the Dr. kissed Ana and wouldn’t back down from Christian, when Ana has the tattoo before the wedding, every time Ana realizes what her leaving did to so many people, etc. I’m back to rereading the chapters again and even though I know what’s coming, the tears still run down my face. Such a heartbreaking and moving story line.


  10. Davina Knowles says:

    Monique, I just love everything about Meander. As others have said there is too many great bits to name them all however those that came to mind strongest are when Christian sees Anna for the first time, Chris and Christian’s reactions to their first meeting, Christian signing his name and then ripping the dress off Anna, the wedding and the honeymoon – all aspects…. It’s such a shame your story can’t be published as it is as good if not better than the original books. Please keep writing them as your writing is incredible 🙂 xx


  11. Chantel Fanke says:

    Question? Why couldn’t this book be published?

    Lots of favorite scenes for me. LOVE when Christian signed his name on her chest. Also loved when he was fighting his feelings for her and asked her if this what she wanted and then all the action stopped because he said he wouldn’t make it if he lost her again. Loved when he was meeting her Mom again….Love Christian learning how to be Daddy….just love the whole story really.


    • Monique Lain says:

      If it falls in my lap I won’t say no! LOL. Seeing that FSOG was fan fiction for Twilight and the Submissive was fan fiction for FSOG, you never know… 😉 Thank you for sharing! 😉


  12. Well let me start by saying you know I love it all! It is pure genius! But if I had to narrow it down it would be when Christian first laid eyes on Chris. When Christian and Ana where in his room on there knees crying and then start making out. The second time Dr. Shawn shows up to take them to the game, also when he first came to see Chris. The scene in the kitchen the night she gave Christian the contract. The night Ana went out with Dr.Shawn and Christian punched him in the face. The discussion that lead to their first reunion and the passionate night that followed. Ana waking up engaged to Christian and them taking off to Vegas. Everything wedding and honeymoon related! The bathroom scene after Tiffany’s and I think that is it. I love, love, love, love your writing as you know. You are simply amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing darling!


  13. Moire says:

    How can you ask us to name “favourite excerpts ” !!!Its all a favourite from beginning to Ch 31 and – WAITING WITH BATED BREATH for ch 32 LOVE this !! (but there were some tears in those “intimate ” moments and love the “cat and mouse” game Ana and Christian were playing when neither was quite sure – well Christian wasn’t quite sure Ana got to the determined lady part quite quickly :o)


  14. kaz says:

    Sooo many !! One that stands out in my mind, is Christian smacking Doctor Sleaze at that charity function, sweeping Ana up, and there subsequent conversation and “evening” in the suite…Another Fav is a comment of the whole series that I have re read a few times and always makes me giggle.. sooo Christian. After he caught Doctor Sleaze flirting with Ana at the apartment, he went into his study, she followed, he had her trapped by the door…. ” I should lock you in a f**cking tower !! ” Love it . x


  15. JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    I can’t think of 1 favorite as I have many. Christian realizing what Ana did at the zoo, emotional scene in the hotel afterward, C blocking off the bathroom in the hotel, Christian whistling with pride when Ana says she received 3 book offers, her realizing he knew she ordered flowers for herself (an oh shit moment LOL), his jealousy over Dr. McSteamy, ripping that dress off her – finally!!! Waiting for more imprints in my mind.


  16. Blondegirl3 says:

    So in reading all the comments, I agree with everyone! I so loved when CG sees Ana and just asks “why”, there you see, he is still so incredably in love with her… then he sees Chis and in dom voice i am sure ” what. the. fuck. did . you. do!” Just gives you chills! Now let’s not forget naughty Ana thinking in the drs about the what ifs and getting an IUD, and the of course the fury of CG when he questions why she got it (boy he is dumb some times) =). Then is his immense desire to be a good dad for Chris, so sexy! Of course all the sex too! Love it. You know I have read the whole thing multiple times, just as I have the original trilogy! Your great!


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