What’s your symptom?


Do you suffer from any Grey-sessed symptoms?

joke 7

Good Advice…

8 thoughts on “What’s your symptom?

  1. grublue says:

    Yes, I’m completely and totally smitten with Christian. That’s scary, although I have to admit it’s not the first time. There have been others…
    Perhaps I’ve been single for too long… I should fall in love again. But the standards are set very high now. 🙂


  2. atterbury says:

    Now it’s re-reading Meander and Nuwriters trilogy too!


  3. Heather B says:

    I just get into other books as best I can….Monique, I did enjoy well enough the Gabriel books but I totally agree with you that he did nothing for me …..they describe him as 33’ish and hot and with the giant tattoo…but I also couldn’t get past the bow tie, pointed shoes and armani suits….much less the proper talk ie “Does this please you?’…lol……he has NOTHING on Christian!!!!!!!


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