Chapter 33

It took all my willpower but here it is, done and dusted just for you. For those of you that are sensitive souls, you may want to keep some tissues handy.

ct at night

I hope you like the song. 😉

Ps: Just because I didn’t have the picture at the time I wrote the honeymoon chapter with Christian and Ana having some fun with chocolate in the hot tub doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share it with you now…

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of Christian…

man choc

12 thoughts on “Chapter 33

  1. Yummy…. I would love to get dirty with those hands… 😉


  2. HenryCavill4Fifty and JustinHartley4Fifty says:

    Oh he’s stunning. Dark hair, blue eyes. I was hoping this was a scene from the hospital bed. Didn’t expect to see the chapter up so soon. Now back to real life – snow shoveling😥 Thanks!!!


  3. tracy5678 says:

    I can picture him as Christian…Who is he?


  4. Teresa says:

    OMG! Talk about sexy. Yum.


  5. Roslyn says:

    Gosh…he does look delicious…and yes he is a good looking Christian.


  6. Sharon says:

    Oh yes, please. Christian and chocolate. Boggles the mind. (and other things.)


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