Mid week teaser…

It’s that time of the week again, a little dose of chapter 34 Meander for you…

“…The only thing that kept me from bawling my eyes out was Chris’ sweet enthusiasm for the duration of the ride in Charlie Tango. Inside my heart was breaking, cracking open, splitting with what seemed like a terrifying finality.

Christian, of course, took care of every detail for our covert escape from Seattle. Once we landed we drove to Ray’s in a normal sedan, no tell-tale luxury Audi for us this time. Though the windows were tinted it was one of those cars that were completely unremarkable, so every-day that it was easy to forget.

Taylor even took the precaution of driving straight into Ray’s garage, making us wait until the roller door was firmly shut before letting us get out. All of this just on the off chance that someone was keeping an eye on us.

The sound of the garage door clipping into place made me think of the slam of a prison gate; here we’ll be captive until this mess is resolved. Every second away from Christian was a sentence passed on to me by this bastard thug that was chasing us. I hated him with a rawness that I swore would give me an ulcer…”

❤ ❤ ❤

Also, this week I made a little discovery. Sylvia Day has a short story out called Blood and Roses. It has a little bit of Gideon in it. I’m not finished reading it but I thought you’d enjoy seeing a bit of our “other” guy outside the Crossfire series.


24 thoughts on “Mid week teaser…

  1. Hazel (South Africa) says:

    Oh Monique, holding my breath alreay for the rest.. Can’t wait mwah!!


  2. grublue says:

    Can’t wait for the weekend! I love your teasers and appreciate your regularity in posting! Have a nice evening.


  3. Bliancha says:

    I can’t wait anymore!!!! Thanx 4 the teaser! Ur writing is brilliant!


  4. Lenette says:

    It’s sounding so good. I can’t wait for Friday or the weekend, no pressure luv! Also, thanx for letting us know about Sylvia Day’s ‘Blood & Roses’, can’t wait to read it. I love the Crossfire Series almost as much as Fifty Shades! xx


    • Monique Lain says:

      So do I but don’t expect too much, it’s literally just a couple of mentions and as always, though her other books are good, nothing comes close to the literary genius that is Crossfire. 🙂


  5. Davina Knowles says:

    I do enjoy your teasers but now wishing the time away for the full chapter! Looking forward to it 🙂 x


  6. atterbury says:

    Monique, you know me, whenever you give us these heart gripping plot twists I have to hold my breath until it is resolved…. I trust you, the resolution with be worth the blue cast I am walking around with right now. 🙂 Will check out the ‘Blood & Roses’ as a distraction, Tks, XX, Liz


  7. Katherine says:

    So glad they have made it safely to Rays house!
    Whilst they are apart my heart will be breaking
    Can’t wait until Friday x


  8. Moire says:

    Why do I keep saying – TGIF!!! I get the posting on Saturday am (when you get the space and time to write :o) – in time to upload for Friday )and so enjoy my early morning cup of tea and a read – the rest of the house is asleep .

    The storyline is compelling and many years ago we used to go to Saturday movies and see the “serial” each episode “to be continued” – this is so the same – Heart stopping and ———

    Heart wrenching – MORE TEA REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!


  9. karen says:

    Holding my breath ’til Friday !! x


  10. Ucbear says:

    This teaser is killing me. My addiction to your story is BAD. I cannot wait for chapter 34. You are awesome.


  11. HJPS says:

    Finally able to get your site everytime I tried to get it from fanfiction it would not work. I look forward to Fridays and now I have wednesdays to look forward to. I love your style of writing and this story can’t wait to see what happens next and who is behind this. Also I took your suggestion and dowloaded Rock Me and can’t put it down Thank You Thank You


    • Monique Lain says:

      Awesome! Welcome, so glad you joined us here in the blog and that you enjoyed Rock Me. Sundays will also be good, I do our book club thing then. It’s great to see what everyone else is reading, seem to share the same taste… 🙂


  12. Meanderthal says:

    C’mon Friday! Yeehaa! 🙂

    Monique! – You’re awesome!

    Hey, wait! It is Friday! Yeehaa!


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