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Do you suffer from any Grey-sessed symptoms?

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A little somethin’-somethin’ for ya!

“… “Do you think he’ll be okay?” the note of concern in Christian’s voice is at once unmistakable and heart-warming. He loves his son.

I pull the covers right up to his chin and bend to kiss his dozing head. “I hope so. It’s hard to say how much of this he understands.” When I turn to face my husband he looks forlorn. Two steps have me at the edge of his bed, “What’s wrong Christian?”

“You’re in danger because of me, I can’t stand it. You have to leave.” He grips my hands with both of his; he doesn’t even register the pain it must be causing him. His plea is fervent, impassioned and dangerously close to being unreasonable….”


According to the UK Sun E L James has mentioned someone she would like to see in the role for Christian. Now I hate people being bitchy over the internet and I’m sure this is a perfectly lovely guy but, for me, he is not Christian. Tell me what you think.

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Eddie Redmayne

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Your favourite, please share.

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Seeing that I got such a fantastic response on the “book after FSOG” question here’s another one for you. Inspired by Kathleen’s ladies night

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What’s you’re favourite Meander scene so far?

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Deluge of choice



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Chris Pine

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Neil Jackson

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Josh Holloway

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David Gandy

According to ABC news here are a couple more contenders for the role of Christian Grey except for David Gandy who was suggested by 1klkelly. What do you think?