Grey is the new black

Have you ever noticed that so many people criticizing E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy also happened to have read all three books? I must admit, as an avid reader I will – very quickly – ditch a book if I don’t enjoy it. It’s my special “me-time”, why would I waste it on something I don’t relish? Mmmhh, makes you think… can you spell DENIAL??  

The other thing (and this really gets to me) is that the first thing that comes up when you mention FSOG is the sex. Now, don’t get me wrong, I admit that it does contain a fair bit of the salacious stuff but please explain this to me: Erotica in novels has been around for centuries, this is by no means the first sexy novel and it’s by far not near the most provocative on the market so why is the sex thing always in the forefront?

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Let’s take a quick look at the stats. Since the release in May 2011 E L James has made over 6.5 million Pounds, sold between 40 and 60 million copies as well as the movie rights for the trilogy. It’s branded as the fastest selling paperback of all time and she’s fast becoming the worlds fastest author earner ever.

Maybe, if we have any geeky girls in our midst, they’ll tell me otherwise, that this sort of thing is old hat in the world of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but  I’ve never seen anything like it. The fact is that FSOG is a phenomenon that’s coloured our world a brighter shade of grey and roughly 50 million people can’t all be wrong! From ice-cream to cosmetics, jewellery to clothes, slogans, jokes, fan sites, fan fiction, sex toys and saved marriages I think I can safely tip my hat at the lady.

For me, the most significant things were the unexpected evolution of a possible new writing career and if not, a helluva’ enjoyable hobby and of course the friendships. It’s been an amazing journey – my blog alone gets visitors from around 88 countries worldwide. I’ve loved seeing the interactions in the different groups, woman from all over being pulled together by this single thread – the saucy sluts (and I mean that in the nicest way possible) and the goody girls (again, not judging) dipping their curious toes in waters unknown. It’s been fantastic – from the bottom of my heart, thank you ladies and thank you Mrs James (aka Erika Leonard). 

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For the Italian followers

Paola is doing a stunning job translating and she’s back from holiday. I just posted chapter 16 in Italian for your enjoyment!

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Mid week teaser

Hello ladies, before I get on to the mid week teaser let me just apologise for more gremlins, this time in my comments. I lost some and it seems I might’ve replied twice to others, missed some all together… My side toggle wasn’t working properly due to some plugin, blah, blah,  – who knows?? So sorry 🙂

Chapter 38 – a little something to get you going…

“…His head dipped as he put his lips to mine, a gentle brush before he pulled away to measure its effect on me. “Yes,” he confirmed; a slight curve of amusement tugging the corner of his mouth, tickled by my stupefied expression. A greedy hand fisted in my hair as he adjusted the angle of his head before bearing down again, sealing his mouth over mine with unmistakable intent. My gasp let his tongue in, the invasion hot and smooth and firm. With skill that belied all rhyme and reason he slid that sleek wet tongue along mine, every motion coaxing mine to respond.

It was a searing kiss, one that left little doubt that we were both alive. I melted into him, growing languid in his hold as he took possession of my mouth, giving myself wholly to his tenure. I savoured the moment of submission, ravenously taking everything he gave without the burden of thinking or making decisions – I felt light, free. It felt right…”


I got this off one of my Pinterest friends and even though the joke is not FSOG related I thought it was damn funny! 

joke ag


Some more fan made trailers some with new footage… I like it! 😉

Ana leaves Chrisitan

Ian and Alexix

Ian – playroom

Matt Bomer

Joke 12


gabriel  The 22nd Annual Infinity Awards, Presented by The International Center of Photography  gabrielxx

Gabriel Aubrey

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Book club

Hello ladies, I hope you’re enjoying a good weekend, I sure did… it was DATE NIGHT!!!! 😉 😉

I had to have a little giggle at all the grateful comments about chapter 37 – not leaving you hanging… Just so you know, it took everything I had not to end it at the scene where Ana’s laptop lost the viewing feed to the inauguration… I know it would have been too cruel but I must confess I was seriously tempted 🙂

One of our readers, Winterstorm posted this: I just finished Rock Me in record time! Thanks for listing it, now think I need to move onto leave me breathless now that you’re recommending it as well :) . I try not to read books back to due to the lack of sleep and kids taking advantage of my distracted attention … I think that’s what parents on crack are like…. Lol

It got me thinking, that’s so true so  I’d like to officially coin a phrase today: RIO which stands for Reading Induced Oblivion: the state you’re in when you’re reading a good book and so drawn in, so captivated that nothing around you matters…. husband, kids, cat, dog, shopping all ceases to exist. Have you been there? Oh I know you have… LOL! 😉

Thank you Winterstorm for sharing!

Anyway, this week I finished Bared to You by Sylvia Day (again) and Conviction (Club Destiny) by Nicole Edwards

f3  book bc

I still maintain that Bared to You, though extremely similar to FSOG is an awesome read, I loved it all over again.

Conviction, well, WHOA! Smokin’ is what I have to say about this one.  Holy moly, gotta’ love those brothers… 😉 A little light on the drama for my taste but it sure made up for it in the romance department!

Currently I’m reading

f4  bookss

Seeing as I read the first one I had to follow with the second book of the Crossfire series; Reflected in You by Sylvia Day, a big break from the similarities that the fist book shared with FSOG and, as far as I’m concerned, an even better read! 

Mine to Hold, Shayla Black was on my shelf last week but I didn’t get to it so hopefully this week though I have no doubt it would be awesome, she writes beautifully.

On my shelf – waiting NOT so patiently is

rocked under

Rocked Under by Cora Hawkes


Have a good week and happy reading… 


Chapter 37

Again another late night and a long chapter thus far unedited so I must apologise for any spelling and grammar errors, will fix it tomorrow when I’m awake again… 😉 I hope you enjoy…