Team Jesse

Chrisitain  chrisitan1

Jesse Pavelka

For those of you who are on Team Jesse with me, here is a fan made little trailer thingie. No footage though, just photos but good none the less…

10 thoughts on “Team Jesse

  1. atterbury says:

    Monique, you are very influencing with your Jesse preference. Before your mentioning him and hilighting his attributes I was not aware of him. Now you have my imagination engaged! I have avoided a true face to my Christian, he is a voice in my head and a viseral feeling elsewhere….Thanks for adding him to the mix! Liz


    • Monique Lain says:

      I’m the same, it’s almost impossible to out a face to him, even through the many times I read the book I could never find one that fit. Glad you like him though, just don’t know if he can act.


  2. Kate Reece says:

    I’ll be on his team any day!!! He is hotter then donut grease!!!! Epppp!!!


  3. grublue says:

    Jeeez, he’s hot… Didn’t know him!


  4. kaz says:

    Monique, You introduced me to Jesse (I wish, lol !) And whilst I am a little bit team Jesse.. Dos he not have the Elliott look more??


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