I’m sorry…


Girls, this is me today!

I’m sorry but the Valentine’s Meander really took it out of me. I’m not done with chapter 36 but I’ll hopefully post it some time over the weekend, I know you’ll understand… 😉


32 thoughts on “I’m sorry…

  1. Aww that is too bad. But I really loved the Valentines Meander.
    I am looking very very much forward to the new chapter though, but don’t rush it 🙂
    Love your writing 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


  2. Mrs. H. says:

    Valentine’s Meander took alot out of me too……will try to wait…not so patiently…..but it is always worth waiting for!!


  3. Kari says:

    Oh, the agony, so worth the wait!!


  4. Marina says:

    Dont’ worry, mi consolo leggendo il capitolo 13 in italiano 😉
    I console myself by reading chapter 13 in Italian


  5. Lenette says:

    Don’t stress, your chapters are worth waiting for! We can always read the Valentine’s Meander again & again anyway (I know my hubby’s always happy for me to read whatever ‘turns’ me on!!) 😉


  6. Katherine says:

    I’ve no doubt it will be worth the wait
    You excelled with the valentines one shot so don’t rush yourself just update when you can


  7. tracy5678 says:

    Ha Ha…Love the picture! That’s exactly how I felt after my classroom Valentine party! As much as I’m looking forward to ch 36, the meander is enough to hold me over. Again, thank you for the one-shot! 😉


  8. Kaz says:

    Always worth the wait.. x


  9. Sharon says:

    That’s understandable….still recovering from the Valentine Meander. My heart can only take so much in a given week. Thank you for the heart flutters!


  10. Kate says:

    Of course!! No worries!! You rest that talented mind of yours and I will patiently wait !! Just remember I will help any way I can !! Ha! Oh and one day when your books get turned into a movie I will help cast by testing the guys out for ya!! 🙂 hahahahahaha!!!!


  11. atterbury says:

    Your Valentine to us was more than anyone could ask for! It was huge! Don’t worry we Love You! L


  12. Sheila Hall says:

    Now you know how we felt after reading the Valentine Meander lol. Seriously though you take care now Monique, we will be here awaiting chapter 36.


  13. federica says:

    non preoccuparti io aspettero’ con ansia


  14. Sue says:

    Don’t worry it’ll be worth the wait I know. There’s a lot to be said for the pleasure of anticipation. You spolit us this week with the Valentine’s Meander x


  15. Valerie says:

    No apology necessary…that Valentine Meander was FABULOUS!!!


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