Chapter 37

Again another late night and a long chapter thus far unedited so I must apologise for any spelling and grammar errors, will fix it tomorrow when I’m awake again… 😉 I hope you enjoy…

10 thoughts on “Chapter 37

  1. Aulbrey says:

    Thank you!!!


  2. Diane says:

    Bouncing in my seat, clapping my hands. So excited. Best part of my week. The beginning of a new chapter. Thanks Monique!!! btw, Happy Belated Anniversary! February 19th is a special day for me too, my oldest was born on that day 20yrs ago. Hope you had a wonderful day. Now I must get to reading.


  3. OMG I can breathe again what a great chapter


  4. Diana says:

    I may say when I initially saw this blog I thought “really?!?!?” And I was more than ready to rip to shreds something that would sacrifice any of the story line oh FSOG. HOWEVER I have found that this story line feels like a totally different book. Which to me is great p, because as we all know we NEED to continue to read about Ana & Christian. Soo having said all that. I read the first 34 chapters in one sitting & am now hooked. Thanks so much. 🙂


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