Some more fan made trailers some with new footage… I like it! 😉

Ana leaves Chrisitan

Ian and Alexix

Ian – playroom

Matt Bomer

Joke 12

9 thoughts on “Trailers

  1. Audrey says:

    Errr… I dont know if its just me… But the links doesnt work


  2. atterbury says:

    Thanks Monique, the second tweek worked!


  3. Sheila Hall says:

    Thanks for the links Monique, love all these videos that are being made about Christian and Ana. I am routing for Matt Bomer as Christian and Alexis Blediel as Ana, they are my favourites. At the end of the day the choice is down to EL James and the powers that be. All the links were great, thank you.


  4. Sue says:

    Thanks Monique, some new ones there that I hadn’t seen. I still love Ian for Christian and I like Lynsey. We’ll just have to wait and see x


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