How cool?

How cool is this? My first interview! Check it out on the Laters, Baby FSOG fan site!


Thank you Crissy & Mags 😉

26 thoughts on “How cool?

  1. Very very cool. Great interview!


  2. aturner0530 says:

    Way cool!! Congrats!!!


  3. Amy says:

    Great interview! Like you I read them multiple times, much to my surprise; first book I ever did that. And how do you pick a favorite scene? Almost impossible but you set it up best by saying anything with him being over bearing & insanely jealous is the start & oh my the Aspen scene-wow! They were such an amazing couple this weekend. Congratulations on the interview and thank you for your delicious writing. So great we can all communicate this way.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Thank you Amy! Me too, apart from the Bible I’ve never considered rereading anything, no matter how much I enjoyed it. I’ve also never bothered to keep a book. I buy, read and pass on, these days they are all on my phone or iPad but I. Will. Never. Let . Them. Go! 😉


  4. grublue says:

    Yes, great interview, congrats!
    The sex scene with the hickeys on the yacht is also one of my favorite ones. Along with the very last one with pregnant Ana in the playroom.


  5. Barb says:

    Great interview, Monique!


  6. Liz ( Atterbury) says:

    Loved your interview Monique! You deserve all the press you can get! We will be buying you off of Amazon in the future, left a little note.


  7. Margaret Ruller says:

    Awesome, Monique – congrats!!



  8. DianeG says:

    Great interview Monique. I think it’s great that you are recognized for your work. I too love any scene in the book where he goes all…Fifty. Any scene where Elena is getting what’s coming to her. All the scenes that depict Ana & Christian’s palpable, visceral, electrical connection. I could never pick just one. Once again great job Monique, I’m a big fan!!!


  9. Sheila Hall says:

    Well done Monique, very good interview. I love that you admitted to reading FSOG a ‘few times’, I have lost count of the times I have read the books :).


  10. 1klkelly says:

    How ’bout that? Congratulations! I commented on the site. You go girl!


  11. twinkie55 says:

    Hi Monique,T
    This interview is really cool and congratulations. As one of the happy readers I am thrilled that ‘you aim to please’. Have a great weekend.


  12. federica says:

    bellissima questa intervista sei una grande


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