Wishful thinking…

cell  phone 1


Thought you might like these….

Also, just posted chapter 17  for Meandro and our Italian readers. Thank you Paola!

11 thoughts on “Wishful thinking…

  1. Audrey says:

    Love it!!


  2. romance4me2 says:

    Oh, yes, please! Who is that in the second picture? He’d be a great Christian.


  3. Sheila Hall says:

    I am up, I have answered, I am on my way. You were right i love these Monique, more so as I would like Matt Bomer as Christian Grey. I just hope EL James does as well. Thank you.


  4. Matt Bomer! He’s my 1st choice for CG all the way! 🙂


  5. Mrs. H. says:

    Love it! Here’s another vote for Matt! Thanks for sharing Monique!


  6. hisboo13 says:

    ooh! i just love these ! lol just looking at them does something to me! 🙂 im like seriously considering if i should put this as my screen saver.


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