More FSOG fun

The week before last I touched on the funky merchandise that’s hit the market in honour of our beloved FSOG.

Here are some more examples….


Cake, complete with the washboard abs, handcuffs and the silver-grey tie…

Kinda’ makes you wonder where the happy trail leads…

Maybe you can have your cake and eat it!  😉


Ana’s favourite tea… FSOG style – that’ll pick you UP in the mornings… 😉


I laughed so hard at this!

Better keep that e-reader of yours in check… You never know when it might misbehave – who knows what it gets up to when you’re not there to read it?

4 thoughts on “More FSOG fun

  1. HenryCavill4Fifty says:

    Dying!!! Could you even imagine walking around with the Kindle cover? Taking it to work, the airport, the beach? My kids would think I had finally gone mad!


  2. atterbury says:

    The cake is my favorite! I bake alot and that is (if it really is cake) a real accomplishment!


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