Mid week teaser

Chapter 39 is a-comin’ – pun absolutely intended… 😉

“…My moment had come, it was time to play my trump card, “There’s something else you might like,” I whispered, my tone playful as I prepared to give him the news that would hopefully shake his thoughts enough to shift his cautionary perception.

“And what, pray tell, is that Mrs Grey?” he purred, slowly backing me up to the wall. His hands resting on my shoulders as he steered. Mercurial to a fault his eyes were twinkling with a hint of mischief, his mouth curved with all the lascivious intent in the world. Any traces of solemnity banished to a compartment in his mind that he rarely put on show.

“I have something for you – or rather I don’t.” I couldn’t resist to draw it out, to tease him with my delicious titbit. I had to employ the help of my teeth to curb the Cheshire-cat smile playing tug of war with my mock-serious face.

“Mmhh,” he mused, his grin widening as his eyes turned into a molten shade that sent fire licking at my centre. “I love getting gifts from you baby but if you don’t spill it I’ll torture it out of you.” He positioned his hands on the sides of my body, resting over my ribs but I knew the stillness of them was deceptive. Those fingers could stroke with love just as much as they could tickle with merciless incursion at the drop of a hat. His light touch wasn’t fooling me, not with the digits poised for torment…”

43 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. Blondegirl3 says:

    Ohhh, shall they discuss her IUD, or lack there of? 😉


  2. Oh yes, I think I know what the surprise is! 😉 Can’t wait for Mr Grey’s reaction! 🙂


  3. aturner0530 says:

    Yeah!!! can’t wait 🙂


  4. booklover333 says:

    C’mon Friday!!!! Hurry up and get here!…..and, Friday, when you do come, make it slow and long…and….well you get my drift….


  5. twinkie55 says:

    Wow! I think I know what is coming and I ….am….so…thrilled for Christian. That is if I am right. About 48 more hours of waiting.


  6. Ruth says:

    WOW What a tease that was… I sure hope we are all correct in what we are thinking that she has for him! Looking forward to a nice glass of wine and chapter 39!


  7. Amy says:

    Oh geez! I can’t wait till Friday!!!!!! 🙂


  8. Sheila Hall says:

    Monique what a teaser, I am thinking along the same lines as everyone else and it is the IUD. So roll on Friday and we can find out if we are right ot wrong Thank goodness for your teasers, it is such a long time to wait from Friday to Friday, at least we know on a Wednesday there is a little bit of the chapter to read.


  9. Roslyn says:

    Goodness gracious…you sure know how to razz a person don’t you. Talk about waving a piece of steak in front of a dog’s mouth…Jeez.


  10. Mercia says:

    You just couldn’t resist, could you Monique? Now you’ve got us guessing our fool heads off. I am going to make a nice cup of tea. I will come back on Friday to hear Ana say “?? ???”.!


  11. marina says:

    ok….wait for Friday…..


  12. grublue says:

    Hmm, I’m also thinking of the IUD, but it’s October now, and in Valentine’s Meander Ana is not pregnant… At least it’s not mentioned.
    I doubt Christian wouldn’t have mentioned it in his musing. It must be something else… But what… Can’t wait for Friday!


  13. Monica says:

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhh! Can’t Friday come soon enough? (Yeah, pun intended too)….


  14. Adriana says:

    Monique esse capítulo promete. Eu acho que a surpresa para Grey é que a Ana está disposta a terem relação anal. Se for, você acertou em cheio, sentir falta disso na Trilogia.


  15. Kaz says:

    Thinking the same ! Can’t wait for his emotional reaction….


  16. tamara says:

    why must i torture myself with reading the midweek teasers? its hard enough making it to friday and getting to read the new chapters. they all have been really great, i wish i could get them in paper form and reread all the chapters.


  17. Katherine says:

    Well I folded like a cheap suit I was determined not to read this but alas I’m weak lol
    Can’t wait until Friday 1 more sleep 😉


  18. DianeG says:

    It is 11pm on Thursday 3/7 here in Pennsylvania, and I am ‘not so patiently’ awaiting tomorrows post. Reading these chapters and reviews are the smile in my week. Just a few more hours. Come on Monique ‘sock it’ to me.


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