New contenders for Christian’s role

Ah well we know it aint’ gonna’ happen but hey, it’s fun dreaming right?

dev pas  dev pas1

Devin Paisley

theo j  Theo j2

Theo James – thank you Peggy 😉


To our Italian readers, chapter 18 just posted – thank you Paola

19 thoughts on “New contenders for Christian’s role

  1. moire says:

    Tripped over a ‘youtube’ video today called Fifty Shades Darker – beautiful song GREAT little vid – had the right person 🙂 portrayed as Christian – sigh and ANa was well cast as well – find and enjoy sorry I did not keep the URL


  2. Lillimarlene says:

    Theo James? Yes please. Saw him in a crime drama on TV playing a pianist haunted by his tragic past and I thought him a likely contender to play Christian.


  3. HenryCavill4Fifty says:

    I saw Theo James I a commercial for a new series. Something about him made me think of Christian. Could be on my short list. Yes-I have a list!! I need options. I don’t want to be disappointed.


  4. Uh…hell no… Lol. Next….


  5. Devin Paisley is so freaking hot, but I do not see him as Christian. I more see him as Kellan to be honest.


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