Have a laugh with Fifty

funny what I'm doing

I love this! Got it off the Laters baby UK Facebook site today, so true….


Yes please… LOL! 😉


This one is a bit naughty, I know… Lest we forget Christian’s first visit to the hardware store… LOL! 😉

Also I wanted to mention that I’ve again started the big rewrite and posted Chapter 1 in all it’s newly written glory. An extra 1500 words and some issues addressed. No story line changes but a bit more meat on the bones and, now that my formatting is sorted, the pictures are all back in. To reader Babawawa check out the bit after Christian receives his award… 😉

20 thoughts on “Have a laugh with Fifty

  1. grublue says:

    Oh my god, this is fun!!
    And your rewriting just comes in time, because I’m actually planning to reread! A little slowlier this time and not in a rush during two nights instead of sleeping. 🙂


  2. Ness says:

    oh wow, must say this new version of chapter 1 is really gut wrenching and filled with so much emotion that it was almost hard to read to the end….but as you know (prior discussion on brainless Beth in the After Dark series) I’m a very “involved” reader…thank you for making my Fridays sooooo much better! 😉


  3. Katherine says:

    LOL hilarious!
    Is it worth while re-reading Meander again?
    I don’t want to miss anything!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ah, that’s up to you. Just tweaking, refining. Applying the new skills I learn doing this for you every week. You won’t miss anything plot related it that’s what you’re concerned about but where the previous rewrites has been very superficial, this one was dramatic. 😉


  4. atterbury says:

    Monique, will you be tweaking your FF version also? I want to save it in my kindle.


  5. Janien Meissner says:

    Just been rereading chapter 1, and it is sooooooo…….. It almost hurts to read it, those two in so much pain! I loved it! You are a great writer Monique! Please write your own story! By the way, my collegue was reading FSOG and hated it, she was going on and on about how very women-unfriendly it was etc Well, she didn’t get it, poor thing! I am sorry for her, thank God we all get it! Lol! Xx Janien


  6. Vicki says:

    I just finished two glorious days of your wonderful continuation. Please keep up the great work!


  7. skinsavant says:

    that was fun reading indeed! and thanks for the chapter 1 rewrite alert. would it also change in the fanfiction?


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