Mid week teaser

Love it or hate it but here it is… A tiny bite from chapter 41

“…Turning her doe eyes onto me she blinks back the tears threatening to spill, “Do you really believe that?”

Gently I rub her upper arm, “If you’d have asked me two days ago I would’ve told you no, but now? Absolutely.”

She gives me a small, resolute nod before swinging her gaze back to the chicken. I sense the fragility of the moment. The last thing I want to do is spook her so I return to my chopping, leaving the decision to talk up to her.

“You’re right,” she murmurs, “it was Ethan. It still is Ethan.” Blowing her bangs off her forehead she faces me, “I blew it with him. So badly Ana.” Again she drops her gaze, looking at her perfect French manicure as a shameful flush douses her cheeks. Carefully I lay my knife down to give her my full attention but I don’t prompt her. It’s clear that she’s ordering her thoughts…”

Now, for something completely unrelated, I just loved this…

Not getting enough attention from your xbox/wii/playstation addicted husband?


Neglected wife gaming gear…. whahahaha!! 😉

20 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. Lenette says:

    Ahahaha, not sure if its a good thing my hubby doesn’t play the xbox cos I sure would like one of these tshirts! Now regarding the teaser, I assume Ana is having a talk with Mia! Can’t wait but no rush of course! 🙂 Thanks Monique xx


  2. Katherine says:

    Really girl?
    You nearly gave me a heart attack I thought for a minute that was A & C talking!
    Oh you are so cruel 😉


  3. tracy5678 says:

    Ha! I thought it was C&A also. I thought the Dom was turning domestic chopping the chicken…lol. It didn’t feel right reading it. Hmmm…what’s up now?


  4. Sheila Hall says:

    How did I forget it was Teaser Day, thank you Monique, cannot wait till Friday to find out what really happenned between Mia and Ethan. I love that t-shirt might get myself one, at 68 I can be open to offers wearing that t-shirt 😉


  5. Marion Evans says:

    Cant wait till friday now …… Will it be another cold shower ;0)


  6. Valerie says:

    MIA!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter!! 🙂


  7. Meanderthal says:

    C’mon Friday! Yeehaa!


  8. Kaz says:

    Wondered if you would cover where the other couples were.. With Kate and Elliott on the way back, will we see Ethan in the near future. .!!


  9. Karen says:

    Hi Monique! I would just like to say thank you for writing these stories. They make my fridays more enjoyable. Reader of your blog from the Philippines 🙂


  10. Liz says:

    Has the Chapter been posted yet? I am so excited to read it, but I haven’t seen it come through yet. Just want to make sure I didn’t miss it.


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