This and that

Hello lovely Grey fans! 

Firstly I’d like to thank all of you that have offered to Beta read for me. I’m speechless and very grateful. Thank you!

I also  have another Christian candidate to share…

zac  zac1

Zac Efron

I finally found a candidate for Ana that I personally quite like:



Nikki Reed

I’ve mentioned it before but the first book I managed to read after FSOG was Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and though it was much tamer than FSOG I enjoyed it. Check out this video made for the book:


Book 2 Walking Disaster will be out 2 April.

joke n

17 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Katherine says:

    OH NO NOT HIM ANYONE BUT HIM! (shouty caps) Nikki I could live with x


  2. tracy5678 says:

    Nikki and Jesse work for me. I don’t know anything about their acting though. And no to Zac, sorry Zac.


  3. Zac is hot, but have cold hearted look as Christian does….as for ana…not feeling it.


  4. sharon Metcalf says:

    Remember, Ana is 21! Unless they find a younger actress who is willing to be Ana, they will probably pick an unknown actress. I sill feel Matt Bomer could be Christian and maybe Alexis Blidel (sic) could play Ana.


    • Monique Lain says:

      I also quite like Bledel for the role but an unknown would certainly help with the inflated expectations we all carry around regarding the movie. I just wish they would get on with it!


  5. grublue says:

    Monique, have you ever thought about the other side characters? I’ve found some very nice suggestions on Pinterest, e.g. Keira Knightley (with brown, long hair) for Leila, Emma Stone for Mia and Mark Harmon for Carrick Grey.


  6. Jo Fergus says:

    Funny that when I read Fifty I always imagined what Christian would look like but not Ana and I think I do that with most books I read. Picture the guy and not the girl.

    Anyway, as far as someone to play Ana goes, I was watching Glee a while ago and there is a girl on there who plays Marley, that is the sort of person who I picture Ana as, very young and innocent looking. This actress would actually be too young and innocent to play her in the movie but that is who I picture Ana looking like.


  7. yesmorestory says:

    1st & 2nd pict don’t even look like the same actor. 2nd one of Efron was sexy. 1st one was icky for Christian. Nicki works for Ana.


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