Mid week teaser

If it’s Wednesday it must be teaser day…. have a sneak peek at chapter 42

“…Taylor copped the change in Christian’s eyes. It was dramatic and horribly reminiscent. It was the one he saw on the day she left. Like something was torn from them, then replaced with a poor copy of the original. Even though he was a man and supposedly immune to such things he’d give anything not to see that look again. That day his own soul had bled for Christian, the man was in so many pieces. He might not share his employer’s particular tastes in the bedroom but he’d have no qualms about tying Anastasia to a bedpost or something if she ever so much as thought about bailing again. Damn, he thought dismayed, this was a bigger crap fest than he first assumed, and then berated himself firmly. Making assumptions was exactly how you got into a fuck-up like this…”



21 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. grublue says:

    Huh, this is from Taylor’s perspective? Can’t wait!!


  2. Smudge says:

    ohhh nooo..not more anguish….will they never get a break for some good ole vanilla fun ?? with some kink thrown in, of course !


  3. Sharon says:

    Oh geez…..it’s going to be a looooong wait till you post.


  4. tamara says:

    oh my i can’t wait to see what is going on now. i hope your week is going smoothly so i can’t sit and enjoy the chapter on my day off, but i understand if i can’t. every friday feels like my birthday or Christmas as i read the next new chapter. wow can we say guilty pleasure or what. keep up the great work. as long as you are writing i am here to read it.


  5. Janien Meissner says:

    Pffft, just came home from work and the first thing I did was reading the teaser. And a teaser it is, grrrrrr. I want to know ! You could easy write cliffhangers for soaps Monique! I’m free this Friday, i cannot wait!! Xx Janien


  6. tracy5678 says:

    I’m so glad you post teasers on Wednesdays and not Mondays…I’d go nuts. Wednesdays and Fridays(or Saturdays 😉 ) are perfect! I too like Taylor’s point of view. I read his POV on another sight that you recommended and it was hilarious. I’ve become a FSOG junkie.


  7. Andrea says:

    Can’t wait!! 🙂


  8. Sheila Hall says:

    Love the teaser on Wednesday, it keeps me going from one Friday to the next, thank you.


  9. Sue says:

    Oh my! I get your email alerts on Wednesdays and Fridays while I am at work. I’ve been returning to this teaser all day! Can barely wait to find out what you’re plotting now! I too love reading Taylor’s point of view. I’m pretty sure I’ve said here before that I love him almost as much as I love Christian.


  10. Katherine says:

    Why oh why are you such a tease?!
    Taylors POV? what has happened now?
    If she leaves Christian again I will kick her arse
    Theres heartbreak & angst coming half of me can’t wait but the other have can’t stand to see my Fifty in pain 😦
    I’m probably way of the mark here lol


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