Trailers and more

I don’t know about you but I looove the fan made trailers. Here are some new ones, bearing in mind when I say “new” it’s basically all the snippets we’ve seen so far with a few tweaks. Still, it’s nice to imagine what the movie will eventually look like.


New Matt Bomer

Matt and Alexis – black and white

New long trailer from Proxybluex

Check out Sylvia Day’s latest snippet from Entwined With You – nice but oh so short!


Here is the link to all her snippets and snapshots so far:

21 thoughts on “Trailers and more

  1. grublue says:

    The static teaser looks fantastic! Can’t watch the trailers though, I’m at work. 🙂


  2. tracy5678 says:

    Went to Sylvia’s website to read the snippets. someone there asked if there will be a 4th in the crossfire series. Sylvia said now that Entwined with You is finished, there are still threads to be tied, more work for Gideon, and milestones that haven’t been met yet….Aaaahhh… as much as I love this story and want to read more, I hate the waiting!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yeah, I saw that a while ago, hopefully that will leave some interesting angles for one shots. The fact that she’s pushed out the release date three times also drives me up the walls! 😉


  3. carla says:

    amo matt spero sia lui christian e bellissimo e leggendo fifty shades o sempre pensato a lui!!! x quanto riguarda cross fire spero esca presto qui in italia si parla di maggio speriamo bene ciaoooo monique


  4. Sheila Hall says:

    Thank you for the trailers, I love watching them. I hope the film is as good as the video clips, there have been some wonderful trailers made so far. I haven’t had a look at all of them yet, but I will! I like Matt Bomer and he is my favourite as the part of Christian Grey.
    We still have to wait until June before the book is out. I thought it was the last of the books but reading the comments from Tracy perhaps not, back to more waiting time.


    • Monique Lain says:

      Yea, I wouldn’t mind a fourth instalment but boy I don’t want to wait more than a year for it! Glad you enjoy the trailers, at least it keeps us busy while we wait… 😉


  5. atterbury says:

    Monique, that was delightful! Loved the trailers, am a huge Matt fan! We all know E.L said the Christian actor in the film will not be any of the “known” actors the fans have projected.. so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s OK I don’t think the actor has a chance since there has been so much ado about this part. Poor guy! Oh, I really loved the snippets! just finished both Crossfire Books again on audio books they were even better than the previous reads!! I did the same with Gabriel and Oh, the voice that read it was wonderful! Thank you for sharing these with us! You are so good to your readers!! XX, Liz


    • Monique Lain says:

      I agree with you Liz, this guy is going to have to have nerves of steel to cope with the female population’s expectations of him in this role… Yeah, Crossfire is awesome! I’ve never done the audio book thing before, I can imagine that a voice could make a book so much more… You are so welcome for the share, it’s easy to share with awesome readers 😉


  6. Heather B says:

    This is my favorite, love the song! Gives me chills


    • Monique Lain says:

      I know! I loooove her version, it’s on my Meander playlist to use in future. She makes everything sound sexy!


    • Sheila Hall says:

      Just going through all the trailers again, I love them. I spotted your link as well, thank you I enjoyed that trailer as well. I am in the Matt Bomer/Alexis Bledel camp for the parts of Christian and Ana, so I really enjoyed that clip, thank you.


  7. Kathie Jacobs says:

    Hi Monique, First off I want to tell you how much I enjoy your story each week and your post everyday!! I have a question, I have read all the chapters a few times and cannot find the answer to this. In Chapter 15 when Christian confronts Ana about knowing that she sent herself the flowers, he says, that you won’t be all take me now, take me now when it comes my turn to come clean. Ana responds, what the hell? What was Christian referring to? Thanks Kathie.

    Kathie Jacobs
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Hampton Inn Hotels and Suites of New Orleans and Baton Rouge
    1201 Convention Center Blvd.
    New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
    Phone: (504) 293-1200 Fax: (504) 525-6203




    • Monique Lain says:

      Hi Katie, I’m glad you enjoy the story, thank you for the comment. In the following chapter Christian confesses that he wanted Grey Publishing to represent Ana and that lured Julie Logan away from the company that offered her the book deal. He knew she’s be mad. Hope that clears it up for you! 🙂


  8. Sharon says:

    I love the fan trailers – they look so professional, I have no idea how they make them. When I was looking at yours, found the link for a “Bared to You” trailer I really love. This guy is totally Gideon for me.


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