Mid week teaser

It’s that time of the week again!

My turn to torture you just a little with a tiny taste of what’s to come in chapter 43…

“…“Jeez,” he hisses, shaking his head as his strong hands clamp around my upper arms. “What the fuck are you and Flynn talking about? You think I don’t want you? How can that still be the first place your mind goes?”

My eyes widen, gaping with surprise. If he wasn’t mad before he sure is now. I blink, trying to find words that are sensible enough to explain something that seemed plausible to me a minute ago but now seem dangerously close to a betrayal of the trust I promised to give him. “I thought…”…”


Good advice… 😉

28 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. gmbizette says:

    Ana, Ana what are you thinking???


  2. Katherine says:

    You really enjoy this dont you 😦
    I have no clue and after my way of the mark guesses last week I’m going to wait (not so patiently) to see what delights you have in store for us


  3. Audrey says:

    Me likey..!!! Lol…. Love the frustrated Cg in a way. Lol!


  4. twinkie55 says:

    Poor CG, love will do that to ya…serious loss of control. Phew!…cant wait.


  5. Andrea says:

    Ugh…these teasers kill me each week!! 🙂


  6. Kelly says:

    & now the mind wanders!!
    Angry Mr Grey can only ever mean one thing, can’t it?!?! Look forward to reading the full Chapter 43.


  7. Maggie says:

    Are you kidding?! You expect us to survive till Friday with this? Our minds are going nuts with possibilities and some of them are just not good!
    Monique, you are killing us….and we love it ;). Hurry up Friday…


  8. Sheila Hall says:

    I love the teasers on Wednesday, it keeps me going from one Friday to the next, however, this one has really got me going. Monique you little tinker that really is a good teaser, now I wonder what the heck Ana has said. The trouble with Ana, she is thinking too much sometimes. Roll on Friday.


  9. nancy says:

    I think you need to post 43 tomorrow! You don’t play fair Monique!


  10. DianeG says:

    Aaaarrrgggghhh, so frustrating. Nice to know they’re with Flynn, but what have Ana’s insecurities done this time? Guess we won’t know until Friday. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!


  11. Kaz says:

    Poor CG…. I thought Ana would be mad with him, and her old insecurities have come out…. How’s he gonna cope with that after all they have been thru…. Is she gonna come clean about how Jose was so bitter towards her, give CG some insight, and help with his guilt towards Taylor?…..


  12. So I’m a new reader here, and just read the first 42 chapters within 2 days.. When does the following chapter come online? I can’t wait to find out what will happen! I have some ideas in regards to how the plot might go, who leaked the Dom/sub things and did the shooting… Will see if I got it right..

    Amazing writing, thank you so so much for writing this, keep up the good work! 🙂


  13. CMS says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, my week seems to be going so slow!


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