Christian & Ana?

The speculation on who is to play our favourite fictional characters is running wilder than wildfire. It’s crazier than a chameleon on a rainbow out there if you bother to follow the news…. So much of it speculation based on nothing but wind…

I think I’ve featured him before but he’s popped up again so hey, who am I to deny you yet another option… 😉

Mich  mich1

Michael Fassbender

Jo threw this Glee actress in the ring for us…

melis  melis1

Melissa Benoist

I quite like her… 😀


To the Italian readers, Paola is back from her break and I’ve just posted chapter 22. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Christian & Ana?

  1. hisboo13 says:

    she looks very innocent i think she might be a nice fit.


  2. Anna says:

    She does look quite nice but I still favour Alexis Bledel. As for Michael Fassbender..I love him he’s a great actor but sorry he’s not Christian Grey 😦


  3. Kate says:

    Stephen Amell is Christian ( well at least in my dreams he is!!!)…and lord please don’t let Ana be Alwxis Bledel!!! She is not right for that part! This girl you have I think would be a way better fir!!


  4. Sheila Hall says:

    Melissa is a nice young lady and yes she would be a contender for the part of Ana. I am a Matt Bomer fan for Christian so I have to say no about Michael, although he is quite a looker as well. There are plenty of polls and fan sites about the parts of Christian but at the end of the day the choice is down to EL James.


  5. Nope! Neither of them!


  6. sassygurl says:

    Michael Fassbender is HOT! And not afraid to show his manly bits. Although he is mid-thirties, he could get botox to remove his facial lines. Excellent actor! Don’t know the girl though.


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