More candidates and trailers

Sassygirl was kind enough to suggest Max Irons for Christian’s role (he’s Jeremy Irons’ son)


Max Irons

Sorry girls, I tried but wasn’t able to find a shirtless pic of him 😦

This is a cute little trailer with a very appropriate song…

For the Matt fans, if this doesn’t make your day I don’t know what will… 😉

Seeing that we all just seemed to have shared Walking Disaster, I found this little gem:

9 thoughts on “More candidates and trailers

  1. Katherine says:

    Oh dear Monique you’ve started something!
    I didn’t see this post until lunch time when the girls in work were giving of a stink about this guy lol as usual I am the only that comments and as President of the Christian Grey Slut Club it has fell to me to say “Thats bad craic he could never be Christian” but we still luv you 😉


  2. Moire says: is another cool you tube vid — Just read ‘The Birth House’ by Ami McKay. Set mainly in 1916 mother is given a book ‘The science of new life ” by Dr John Cowan who states
    ” Closely allied to food and dress,in woman is a producer of evil thoughts is idleness and NOVEL READING. It is almost imnpossible for a woman to read the current “love-and-murder” literature of the day and have pure thoughts, and when the reading of such literature is associated with idleness – as it almost invaiably is – a woman’s thoughts and feelings cannot be other than impure and sensual. ”
    So now you know what the problem is ladies !! LOL :p overthinking and novel reading causes, at the very least, fretting nightmares and a bad complexion – and she was reading wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice and they were qworried about derangement good greif thank goodness she didn’t have FSOG

    – and we won’t talk about the “electric machine” that is said to cure neurosthenia and histrionics — – now where can I find one of those – oh thats right they come with batteries these days 😮 BIG SMILE !!!!

    Love the little side bits you give us Monique – roll on Friday


    • Monique Lain says:

      Fantastic trailer, thank you Moire and I LOVE the rest! You had me giggling! Wow, we don’t seem to have progressed at all! Imagine going to a doctor so he could induce an orgasm (with a machine) because you were suffering from hysterics… 😉 I saw a doccy a while back about the evolution of department stores and how the rich women that could afford to shop in them constantly got bladder infection because going to the bathroom was too rude to do in public! Green fever they called it and were quite proud of the fact that they got it, like some sort of status symbol… Mmmmhhh 😉


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