Mid week teaser

There may or may not be a little something extra for you by the end of the week, we’ll see how I go, and it’s the reason why I’m posting two teasers today… 😉

“…Even Taylor grins when he comes to find Christian, but his undeniable edginess quickly wipes the smiles off our adult faces. Only Chris is oblivious as Christian gets up to sort out whatever crisis has brought him to interrupts such a precious family moment. “I’ve got to go champ. Be a good boy and look after mommy and Mrs Taylor.” He ruffles Chris’ hair before striding down the passage, already engaging Taylor in a hushed conversation.

With the men gone Gail and I share a look, the ever present uneasiness going unspoken between us  before drawing Chris into another game…”


“…Even with his broad back turned to Christian he recognised the casual, flirtatious bearing of the man, the confident demeanour of a cad who didn’t often hear the word no coming from the females he obviously knew how to handle. Christian knew every one of those tricks because – hell – he wrote the fucking book, but he’d be damned if he’d let this fucker use those ploys on his Ana…”

Picture me rubbing my hands together, a wicked cackle tripping from my lips… 😉


38 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. HenryCavill4Fifty says:

    Jumping up and down with excitement. Ok…well really laying here trying to get my arse out of bed but still excited.


  2. skinsavant says:

    i sure do miss little chris… 🙂
    jealous fifty is back!!! 😀


  3. tracy5678 says:

    Gahhhhh……Yes, I can definitely see your wicked little grin and hear you cackling right now. I think you enjoy making us squirm Miss Monique! Come on Friday! 😉


  4. aturner0530 says:

    Oh my…Friday cant’ come soon enough… 🙂


  5. Mrs. G says:

    I love your teasers! And two of them…how awesome! The second one sounds interesting for sure! Sounds like a good Friday is in the works for us Meander gals!


  6. Corinna says:

    Grrr… You’re really enjoying tantalizing us, Mistress Monique… 😉
    Like Fifty says: “There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.”
    I can’t wait for Friday…:-))


  7. Katherine says:

    If I fall to my knees in a submissive pose would you give us more?!!
    You can’t leave it like this – how am I supposed to work my imagination is going into overdrive lol!
    My phone is playing up so I turned my fire wall off in work to comment – I’ll be unemployed at this rate – we will have some chat about what this could possibly mean at lunchtime


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Katherine, loved your sneaky firewall break. What specifically has your nickers in a bunch? The fact that there are two teasers or are you just curious to find out what’s happening… 😉


      • Katherine says:

        2 teasers! I think it means a one shot as well as our usual chapter!
        Would it help if I said I was in my submissive pose in the middle of the office wearing just my knickers 😉
        I bet your really enjoying our reactions this week – you are sooooo bad


  8. Barb says:

    Love your teasers! Can’t wait for both of them!!


  9. Janien Meissner says:

    Ahhhhhh, why is Friday so far away? If only my husband would be a little bit jealous like Christian. Sadly, no chance of that…….but I love him anyway! At least I can read about the master himself! Lol!
    Monique, I am sure Christian would spank you for teasing so much!!
    😉 Janien


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Oh I hope so Janien! 😉


    • twinkie55 says:

      Oh Monique! How can you? I am lost, really just dumb and confused. I am going to will myself to go on for another 48 hrs. Guest life should not be that easy and predicteable. Janine, no be grateful for what you have, a jealous hubby is to much to handle. Enjoy your lovely hubby.


      • Monique Lain says:

        LOL! Anticipation baby!
        Isn’t that just so strange though, we find jealous CG sooo hot but in real life, serious jealousy sucks. But Janien, I’m with you, a little bit is nice, just so you know your man wants you!


  10. Sharon says:

    Monique, I apparently am truly into pain. I know what your teasers are like, and I click in and read them KNOWING I will be a slavering, mindless wench until your update. And damn, two of them. Resistance is futile. I can’t stand it. Just. Can’t. Stand. It. So. Must. Read. Them. Again. Aargh!


  11. 1klkelly says:

    Oh boy, a bit of flirting with Ana, from somone else! 😀


  12. Maggie says:

    You are soooo deliciously evil! Ah, but now the ever torturous wait until Friday 😦 nonetheless, it is turning out to be a difficult work week, so I shall enjoy having my imagination run away with itself while I await your reveal. I so know that you won’t disappoint….hurry up, Friday 😉


  13. Sue says:

    I’ve told you before that your email alerts arrive during my work day. I too often risk unemployment to look further. Today’s teasers, especially jealous Fifty, had me grinning like an idiot in the middle of my busy office. So looking forward to Friday


  14. Sheila Hall says:

    Monique you know how much I love the Wednesday Teaser it is the only thing that keeps me going till Friday. Today I could scream, two teasers and both cliff hangers, now I am desperate for Friday to arrive. Thank you for the teasers, I think, only joking, I do love the teasers really. 😉


  15. Blondegirl3 says:

    Who on earth is messing with our Ana? Could it be Jose, or is that too soon…… Aahh ou are a temptress Monique! We bow to you!


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