Fifty Shades of what??

Oh boy! I’ve seen this one around and always did the eye-roll thing, never bothering to have a closer look because really, just how far could a recipe book take the Fifty Shades theme? Well, thanks to Susan, my still streaming eyes were opened to the hilarity that is this suggestive cookbook! Fifty Shades of Chicken by FL Fowler – too funny!

Miss Hen together with her hunky chef , Shifty Blades creates a range of recipes that are guaranteed to leave you.. uhm… satisfied 😉 Think: Pound Me Tender, Blushing Parts, Dripping Thighs and Erect Chicken to name a few. The book features a shirtless Shifty Blades demonstrating how to truss up a chicken – only consensual bondage for this lucky bird of course! 😉


Check out the website and the Fifty Shades of Chicken spoof video that will either have you howling with laughter or cringing at just how closely a chicken can come to the real thing – no pun intended… 😉

Just to whet your appetite, here is a small excerpt of the fowl book….

“…I want him to finish me, every last bite. I’m his and only his. Engulf me, devour me, consume me.

He stills and lays my thigh back down on the plate. He looks troubled.

“Too good,” he sighs. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and gives a small shake of his head as if in answer to an invisible waiter.

“Chicken, I’m not the right man for you. You’re perfect as you are. My singular tastes would only lead you astray. You should stay well clear of me.”

What? Where is this coming from?

“You deserve hearts and flowers, and I can’t give you that. I’m sorry. I’m going to set the fork down and let you go now.” He gently pushes the plate away.

I’m devastated and heartbroken. He doesn’t crave me. He’s really not hungry for me. Somehow I have royally fouled up dinner…”

4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of what??

  1. 1klkelly says:



  2. SusanW says:

    Thanks for the mention, Monique! I can’t believe that nobody else has this book — or maybe they just don’t want to admit it!


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