Dr Ruth on Fifty Shades…

Laura from the Bookish website passed this onto me; a very interesting article where Dr. Ruth Westheimer (famous sexologist) reveals Why Men Need to Be More Like Spicy Novels…..

Nora Sutherlin (Tiffany Reisz’ female character in the Original Sinners series) calls them “one-handed reads”,  and – as I’m sure you know – 😉 with good reason. Erotic fiction has boomed since FSOG saw the light of day, gracing the shelves of book stores and e-book dealers alike, the phenomenon turning even the most dubious and scoffing among us onto a genre that we would never before have considered. With the following quote from the above mentioned article Dr Ruth makes an excellent point, one that, until now, I could sense but couldn’t quite articulate:

“…They (men) should create a sensuous drama for their partner, with hills and valleys, rather than think of sex as a movie car chase…”

The slow progression of a written love scene is so much more fitting for the way a woman’s body responds, and Christian, with his teasing build-ups, certainly does that for us in spades. Shunning instant gratification in his quest to push Ana to new erotic heights by making her wait is something we can all take a lesson from. I guess that’s what makes a good literary love scene, slow and growing, stoking, teasing, your imagination glimpsing rather than seeing the full, blaring picture. So akin to foreplay in its nature, is that why we’re reaching between the covers of  these books? 

in bed

4 thoughts on “Dr Ruth on Fifty Shades…

  1. Lillimarlene says:

    What an excellent article. The ‘hills and valleys’ comment is very true and probably helps to explain CG’s appeal to so many women, because this is his approach.


  2. Katherine says:

    I think i’ll forward this one to my hubby 😉


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