Mid week teaser and more

Hello, hello! It’s Wednesday and that means teaser time….

“…I sense the weight of it around us, he’s overcome, so touched that it moves me to tears, but it’s the last thing I want to do. Affected as I am myself, I feel it should be an utterly happy moment. I smile, doing the only thing I can think of to lighten the mood. From beneath my head I grab the pillow, watching him, watching me, his eyes turning bemused as a little frown forms on his brow. Lifting my pelvis I shove the pillow beneath it, elevating my hips just like Christian’s collection of baby-making websites explained to do after sex.

I sink my teeth into the kiss-swelled fullness of my bottom lip, fighting the giggle trying to escape when his look turns to surprise, my own amused face telling him that I know all about his little illicit baby-making searches. After a fleeting second of bewilderment a sheepish grin cracks over his face.

He shakes his head, chuckling, “You got me.”…”

Happy news:

Also, I have some super exciting news to share with you. As you already may know, Meander is being translated in Italian, and through another group of enthusiastic FSOG lovers, will also now be translated into Portuguese. The Super Hot Translators (SHT) team, a group of Fifty Shades fans that meet on Facebook, is handling this love job. The chapters will be posted as they get translated. I am deeply touched and flattered by this honour, and would like to thank the SHT team, and especially Vivi Cordeiro, for their generous efforts in brining you the Portuguese version of Meander.


Please find it in the sidebar, just below the Italian translated version.

Thank you Ladies! 😉

Movie news – or maybe not…

Then, the rumour mill is doing what it always does, spitting up titbits for us to chew on. The latest one, and I’ve heard this from two sources, though that doesn’t translate to truth, is that Alex Pettyfer has taken on the role of Christian Grey. Please note that this, as far as I know, is not confirmed. I’ve not seen this news on the Movie sites that I follow – people who claim to have the inside track on what’s happening with our beloved book’s silver screen version which is, at least in my mind, fast becoming a dream instead of a real possibility….

ap  ap1

Personally, he’s not my choice, but I shall remain vigilant to see if I can get absolute conformation….

Thank you Josy83 for the heads-up on the info!

New candidates….

We’ve searched high and low for candidates for our Christian list, an I admit that sometimes I sit here scratching my head thinking about who to feature, but not today!

rich a1  rich a

Richard Armitage

beto1  beto

Beto Malfacini

Whadya’ think ladies?? 😉

Thank you for the suggestions girls! 😉

Also, just for some housekeeping purposes, there is something I’d like to discuss with you. Due to your wonderful support my blog has grown beautifully. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your support, it’s immeasurable really. The downside of the growth is of course time, and as I love chatting to you, and getting your feedback, I refuse to cut back on my time replying to your gracious responses. That only leaves me my time blogging the daily posts. In an effort to save time, and my personal sanity, I would like to cut back on my daily posts. These are just the fun, and sometimes frivolous posts, I post every day, like the one above. This will not influence the once a week posting of Meander. I will also retain the book club and the Wednesday teaser, and if something big happens in our FSOG world, I’ll almost certainly post it at random. I know you’ll understand, I’m tying myself in knots to keep up and feel bad failing.

Monique xx

Between the covers book club

Hello, hello dear readers!

betw c

I’m baaaack! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, (sans Meander), and that you’ve had some great reads. I thought I’d have plenty of time to read but it didn’t quite work out that way. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t manage to finish a book in a week, URGH! Needless to say I’ve missed it and I’ve missed you!


I’m still reading:


Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller, book three on the Blackstone Affair series. Still liking it but I didn’t get very far! 😉

On my shelf I have:

bs1  lond

Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren and Down London Road by Samantha Young

Happy week ladies!

Monique xx

Ps: For the Italian readers I’ve posted the next chapter – thank you Paola!

See you soon!

Just so you know….

I will be away the whole of this coming week, from the 20th May to 24th May on a work related course. I will not be making any blog posts this week, and will only be updating Meander again by the last weekend in May. I will however be posting regular posts again from next Sunday.  Also, feel free to keep commenting, I will be able to reply from the WordPress app on my phone.


See you soon, I’m going to miss you! 😉

Monique x

Between the covers book club

Hello ladies!

book club

Hopefully you had a better book week than I did. Not that what I read was bad, but rather that I didn’t seem to have time for some serious reading this week! 😦

in bed book love

This week I read:


Collide by Gail McHugh was fantastic, but like so many of you warned be about, the cliffie is wicked! URG! If you like LOADS of drama then this is a great read.

Currently I’m reading:


I was supposed to read Down London Road but I shelved it because I forgot that the long awaited book 3 of the Blackstone Affair got released this week: Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller. So far it’s delivering the goods we loved from both the previous ones.

On my shelf I have:

lond  bs1

(Still) Down London Road by Samantha Young and Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

book j9

Happy reading ladies! 😉

Monique x

Chapter 48

Hello! Sorry for the late post. I had a tough time with this one. It still needs proofreading but I figured it’s best I get it out! LOL!

Then, just to manage expectations, I will be away the whole of next week on a work related course. Chapter 49 will only be posted at the end of May, so I’ll be skipping a whole week of blog posts and chapters.  I’m not going anywhere, just letting you know so you won’t wonder why you don’t hear anything for me. I can easily reply to your comments from my phone, but to post from it is very impractical. Thank you for understanding! 😉

x torso wet  x love4

x love2

Enjoy! 😉

Another one of those weeks…

Dear readers,

It’s been another one of those weeks where everything you touch to finish multiplies into more things to do… I thought I might be able to finish the chapter today but I’m still much further away from where I’d hoped to be by now. Suffice to say that baby making is going well, if a little tough to write 😉

I appreciate your patience and love that you are always so understanding. Bar circumstances way beyond my control, I should be posting tomorrow.