Mid week teaser…

Of course it’s Wednesday, my turn to tease you with a little glimpse of what’s to come in chapter 46…

“…He captures my startled face as I leave the powder room, the flashes popping like manic winks from where he holds the camera low, the angle deliberately unflattering, which was, at least initially, out of my immediate line of sight. I notice he works the offensive thing with a practised ease, like it’s an extension of his arm, all the while sneering his snide smile like he knows something I don’t…”



To all our Italian followers, please find chapter 26 in the sidebar – thank you Paola!


15 thoughts on “Mid week teaser…

  1. Sheila says:

    Love the Wednesday teasers, thank you Monique. Now I wonder who/why and what the photographer is doing with Ana. Suspense, suspense, thank goodness only two more days till we find out. Take care now and have a great day.


  2. Linda says:

    Love the card! I can totally imagine CG going crazy over GC and Ana. . . but I like GC.


  3. 1klkelly says:

    The ecard is funny and spot on. 🙂 Is Christian into photography? ;-D


  4. tracy says:

    Hmmmm…who is taking pictures and what are they taking pictures of???
    As for the card, I think Christian, Gideon, Jesse, and Remy should tag team it…Now that would be a sell-out crowd!!


  5. Andrea says:

    Oh oh….sounds like trouble is a brewing 🙂


  6. Fiona Fraser says:

    Oh Monique, I love, I hate, NO I LOVE the teaser’s. Now I can’t wait for the new chapter and more chapters………you tease! Thanks very much for them all.


  7. atterbury(Liz) says:

    Monique this is an intriguing snippet, is starting a chronological pictorial? Will have to wait and see, one never knows what Mr. Grey is up to 😉 . Love the possibilities and you! XX , L


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