FSOG photo montage and poll reminder

This is a stunning montage of photos spanning all three FSOG books with all the Greyisms that got us so deeply hooked – thank you Moire


Then… for those of you who have been wrapped up in Remy 😉


Thank you Disneymom from Twitter

Don’t forget to vote in our book poll, top 8 books to read after your FSOG haze clears…

10 thoughts on “FSOG photo montage and poll reminder

  1. Kym Thomas says:

    OMG Hmmm! Why thank you for the now very present image of such fine sights to send me into wonderful explosive dream felt night lol


  2. Marina says:

    hei Monique, purtroppo in Italia tutte queste serie nn arrivano, 😦


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ah Marina, that’s terrible! Can’t you buy the e-books from Amazon? Europe is a huge market, why would it not be available there??


      • marina says:

        Monique, credo che x l’Italia sia un problema di traduzione, credo. Purtroppo io non conosco così bene l’inglese da prendere un e-book, perderei più tempo a cercare di tradurre che a leggere.
        Il settore “erotico” si è diffuso notevolmente diffuso l’anno scorso con l’uscita di Fifty shades of Grey, alla quale ne sono seguite le altre, Sylvia Day, Shayla Blak, Indigo Bloom, Sylvain Reynard, etc
        e cmq io preferisco il cartaceo all’a-book, mi sembra, più reale.
        La seriedi Crossfire di Sylvia Day non l’avevo nemmeno presa in considerazione, ho preso il primo per caso, e mi è piaciuto un sacco, ora si attende l’uscita del terzo volume, solo che da noi non arriverà credo prima di luglo, sempre per problemi di traduzione, 😥


  3. Katherine says:

    People trying to work here 🙂
    As much as I like Remy – I’m getting a bit upset that he seems to be taking over Mr Grey 😦
    My friend actually had the cheek to say that she preferred Remy!


    • Monique Lain says:

      LOL! Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt your day… 🙂 I think the friend should at very least be scrapped from the Christmas card list, and maybe, just to teach her a lesson, confiscate her batteries.. 😉


  4. yelare says:

    Mmmm.. Yummy…love Remy,and this picture just may day thank you ;)!!!!


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