A lighter shade of Grey


Ed Harris has written a Fifty Shades Parody called Fifty Shades of Schwarz, and has been kind enough to share a free sample with us. Check it out if you feel like the lighter side of our favourite shades, a good cure for those intense book hangovers we so often suffer from! 😉


About Ed:

Fifty Shades of Schwarz was written by Seattle resident Ed Harris. His children, three in number and of assorted genders, skin colors and countries of origin, are united in a common belief that their father was born fully-formed as a grouchy adult. His long-suffering wife bears silent testimony to the saying that “behind every successful man is a surprised woman.”  Harris was born in New York, and has lived in the US, Israel and the Netherlands.  He is regarded by his friends and loved ones as a nudge, a Yiddish word that does not have a direct English language equivalent, and used to characterize someone who is particularly annoying. The author’s literary favorites include SJ Perelman, Mark Twain and Michael Chabon.  Ernest Hemingway once wrote of someone going broke “very slowly and then all of a sudden.” The author implores the reading public to buy Fifty Shades of Schwarz so he can avoid the same fate.




I so enjoyed Fifty Shades of Schwarz!  In particular, I love the situations you’ve created to allow the reader to get to know Maya.  I’m incredibly impressed at your understanding of the female psyche. In my opinion, you’ve nailed it.

Britt Billmaier, Stanford grad and former contestant on the TV show The Bachelor

Mordechai Richter meets Anais Nin for the 21st century – I love it.

Jonathan Schmalzbach, co-founder of Beyond Books and former NY Times contributor

The book is available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook.  Here are the links:





Meandro Fifty Shades, Chapter 28 freshly posted for the Italian readers! 😀

4 thoughts on “A lighter shade of Grey

  1. Fiona Fraser says:

    Can’t seem to load this one up???


  2. Lillimarlene says:

    Monique, just read the first two chapters. It’s looking very promising, not just a simple parody but a witty and perceptive social comedy in its own right. I’m loving Maya already.


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