Mid week teaser

This week’s teaser is more taunting than tease… 

*cue wicked cackling* 😉

“…“Mommy, what’s wrong? Are you hurting?” Chris’ sleepy voice is like a sluice of ice, the sound innocently jarring…”

Sylvia Day posted chapter one of Entwined With You today, the third instalment of the Crossfire series to be released on the 4th June 2013



31 thoughts on “Mid week teaser

  1. Katherine says:

    Are you serious:-(
    How cruel lol


  2. HenryCavill4Fifty says:

    WTF? Next time Christian’s dolling out punishments, be sure to give your Evil Monique subconscious one too.
    I haven’t read the Syl Day chapter. Not sure if I want to. I’m rereading the books to get reacquainted with Gideon. I’ve missed him.


  3. Fiona Fraser says:

    Aw, C’mon Monique, what are you doing to us. That is just cruel. Talk about taunting LOL!!! Looking forward to ’47’.


  4. gmbizette says:

    You dirty dog!


  5. aturner0530 says:

    Aww man… that’s torture…


  6. Amy says:

    Omg..I’m freaking out…this was cruel..where are u Friday??..lol


  7. Maggie says:

    Surely you are NOT serious! M – “I think you need to learn to manage our expectations. We are not patient women…” 47 will make up for this bit of torture, right??


  8. Andrea says:

    Omg…if this is him interrupting sex I can.not.wait for christians freak out moment lol


  9. tacpetunia says:

    omg, nice teaser, i hope your week goes as planned so the chapter gets posted on friday. i can’t wait.


  10. Janien Meissner says:

    Ohhhhh, you are ‘echt slecht en stout’ ! Coming back from my holiday in Spain ( Fuerteventura) I had such high hopes for the teaser! Grrrrrr! By the way, Spain was great, a lot of sun, blue see etc. But sadly, no great Spanish policeman in sight. The only one I really liked……was my own husband! Lol!!!!!! I do hope I am getting chapter 47 as an early birthdaygift from you Monique! (11 mei) xx 😉 Janien


    • Monique Lain says:

      Whahaha! Janien, ek weet! 😉 It’s good to have you back and I’m happy you enjoyed your holiday! Pity about the missing cop… Maybe Christian “took care” of him… I hope so too! My life only seems to be getting busier and busier…


  11. Marion Evans says:

    O gawd can only hope that was a sex interruption see you on Friday


  12. Sheila says:

    Monique how could you! that is certainly a taunt rather then a tease. If I was Christian, my palms would be twitching lol.
    I read chapter 1 of Entwined with You and it looks like another good Crossfire book.


  13. Kaz says:

    Cruel ! Lol….. I wonder if Ana is being sick !, as in morning sick ? 😉


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