Sasha had a blogasm and passed it on to me…


My fellow WordPress blogger Sasha Cameron has nominated me for a blogger award! Fist bump babe – albeit tongue in cheek…

blogger award

It’s a shout out from a mate, someone who, in our small slice of internet FSOG is saying I see you! So Sasha, I see you right back babe, for an awesome blog with one of the sharpest blades of literary humour I’ve ever had the pleasure to spar with. So, just like the goats (ahem), we’re just having some fun, though it’s nice to know I’m worth the thumbs up… 😉

As I hoist my award over my head, clasping it in my delighted hands while the hum of the power supply to my laptop reminds me of the thunderous applause I’m missing, I’d like to thank my mum and my dad, my husband and my gold fish, my readers and the ice-cream I used to learn how to French kiss on…. 😉

In true blogger jocular tradition I’d like to reciprocate and nominate the blogs that do it for me…

I’m also supposed to share some things about myself so I refer back to my interview with the Laters Baby site:

Paragraph break line 1

Also, here is another trailer I quite like…

Matt Bomer and Alexandra Daddario

Lastly, just a quick reminder, don’t forget to vote in our poll…

14 thoughts on “Sasha had a blogasm and passed it on to me…

  1. You are a gem and good buddy, Miss L. I cannot tell you how inspired I am by you – a thousand hunky photos with a hundred thousand naughty, witty captions are testament to that. In fact, it is a shame that so many of our readers won’t ever get to see the Sasha and Mo Show in full swing. Perhaps we need to remedy that. Now do I get to mention the M word on your blog? Love ya xxx


  2. Sheila says:

    Well done on the nomination, you deserve it. Look forward to seeing you on the bloggers red carpet to accept your award 🙂


  3. atterbury says:

    Do we need to get you two a room? If so I hope I can come visit, since it will have two of my very favorite people in it? Monique you introduced us to Sasha’s brilliant mind and talent and for that I thank you! You on the other hand are the bright star that shines on all of the people that love you so much! Myself included.Your blog is awesome and so easy to use it deserves every merit there is to bestowed on it and you for all the wonderful insights and treats that are shared thru it.
    Congratulations to both of you! I know you are half a world away, but with this medium I feel very close to your warmth and friendship.
    We want to see a picture of you and your award!
    Congrats again! xx Liz


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ah Liz, what a lovely, touching message and you are sooo welcome to join us if Sasha and I ever manage to get a room… 😉 As one of my longest supporters I’d like to thank you! For the loyalty, the reviews, the encouragement and generally being an all round great person! You rock! 😉 My, how we’ve changed/grew over the last year eh? A whole new world and all of that… *wink, wink*


  4. Katherine says:

    lots of lady love going on here 😉
    If anyone deserves it, its you xx


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