Dear readers,

A little birdie told me that there might be something happening on the blog tomorrow…

Be sure to check-in with me late afternoon Aussie time…


M 😉

Ps: New Italian chapter posted… Paola is on a roll… 😉

14 thoughts on “Tomorrow…

  1. Fiona Fraser says:

    Oh Monique, You are such a tease. C’mon just a little clue, go on I promise I’ll be a good girl!!! LOL


  2. Katherine says:

    You are such a tease lol
    I don’t even know what say it is Down Under 🙂 so i will be spending most of tomorrow (Monday) checking my phone
    I cannot wait x


  3. Sheila says:

    Monique….. a teaser on a Sunday! 😉 Like everyone else I look forward to ‘something happening tomorrow’.


  4. Hazel (South Africa) says:

    Biting all my nails waiting in angst!!!.. Happy Mothers Day mwah…


  5. gmbizette says:

    Ok it is 6:34am Sunday 5/12/2013. I have been good or very bad whatever suits you but do I get my prize now? Please! Happy Mother’s Day !


  6. tracy says:

    Ohhhh….when is tomorrow??? lol …is today tomorrow for you, or is tomorrow tomorrow for you??? I’ll probably be checking my emails all day for TWO days…double tease, makes me grin with anticipation 😉


  7. Cynthia says:

    Such a tease…. Cannot wait until tomorrow.


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