Happy birthday Meander!

Exactly one year today, I posted Fifty Shades Meander on the Fan Fiction site!


Since then I’ve written 268 489 words (excluding the one-shots) which equate roughly to FIVE BOOKS, if you follow the industry genre standard! 

So – from me to you – thank you so much for your support and your encouragement, for taking a chance on a story I know starts in a very bad place for the couple we adore, the reviews and the books, the trailer links, the music, the suggestions, the fixes, but mostly thank you for your friendship 😉

To celebrate this very happy event I’ve written a Crossfire one-shot (Gideon’s POV) because so many of you have asked for a love scene between Gideon and Eva. Find Gideon Meander in the sidebar.

But that’s not all… if you call now…. LOL! 😀

Seeing that so many of us are still on a Real high, the author, Katy Evans was kind enough to grant me an interview to celebrate Meander’s birthday! Cool right? And between me and you, let me tell you, she is as lovely as her book! It’s so refreshing to find a writer that keeps in touch with her fans the way she does.


These are the questions I asked her…

Boys – athletically lean or Remy-style bulging muscles?

I love both, actually!

Ice-cream or chocolate?


Name one food you would never eat.


What do you think about when you’re folding the washing?

Plots and characters!

If you could pick anyone, who would you like to have a dinner date with?

My husband.

If you weren’t a writer you would be…?

A nutritionist or an athlete.

What is your favourite children’s book?

The Hungry Caterpillar.

Who is your favourite author?

So many! But I think the ones I grew up reading are the ones that have stuck with me through the years. Julie Garwood, Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught. Love you!

If you had to pick just one, which song would you pick for Real?


Is Remy based on someone real?

No. But he’s as real as it gets to me.

According to Goodreads we can expect a total of five books in the Real, Raw and Ripped series, do we really have that much of Remy to look forward to? 😉

Well, they are not all about Remy and Brooke. Remy and Brooke get REAL, MINE and REMY (his POV story) and then Melanie gets her own book, and the last one is a surprise. 🙂

Following the success of Real, are you more or less nervous about the release of Mine (book two in the Real, Raw and Ripped series)?

I’m hopeful that you will all love it as much as you loved Real! My goal is to be as true to what Remington and Brooke as I was in the first book, so I’m trying to be faithful to them and to what they want to say.

When is Mine scheduled to be released?

Nothing is set in stone, but I’m hoping at the latest by fall 2013.

Is Remy baby-ready or will he be concerned about passing his condition on to his offspring?

Not sure, I haven’t talked to him about that.

How much research did you do into Remy’s condition and is the blue to black eye color change a genuine possible part of this disorder?

Yes, the eye color change is a genuine possible part of this disorder. It is not common, but is has been researched and documented and occurs (or has occurred) in many people with BP. As for research, I’ve personally been exposed to people suffering with mental illness, and I admire them very much. Warriors! I also stocked up on my reading.

Check out Katy’s website: http://www.katyevans.net/

goo goo

46 thoughts on “Happy birthday Meander!

  1. paoladonati says:

    Happy Birthday, Meander!



  2. atterbury(Liz) says:

    Happy Birthday meander! According to FF I found and favored you on June 4, 2012. I think I read you before I figured out how to favorite or to write a review…a FF virgin with FSOG. I do remember holding my breath thru the whole first chapter! And then you made us wait when you moved or new job? Oh, it has been worth the wait!!! Thank you Monique! XX


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ha! I remember Liz, yeah we moved into a new house and I didn’t post for a month… Wow I got a lot of e-mails during that time… LOL! I’ve said it before but thank you for your long standing support! 😀


  3. Katherine says:

    Happy birthday Meander!
    So glad I found this story. I have enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to reading more of your stories xx


  4. Mrs. G says:

    Happy Birthday, Meander! I found this little gem back in October and have been a faithful follower every day since then! I read FSOG last summer and it has totally changed my life…and I’m not just saying that. My husband and I always talk about what I’m reading…and of course there’s things we don’t need to discuss per se! *wink, wink*. Meander is pur favorite! So, keep ‘me coming Monique (pun intended)! We will follow you wherever this journey leads!


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ah, thank you so much! I so appreciate the support, I know what you mean about life changing. I’ve never written anything in my life before this, and now it’s a lifestyle for me… Friends all over the world, how cool is that??


  5. Sheila says:

    Happy 1st Birthday to Meander. I am so pleased that I found this blog as I am a fan of FSOG and this take on the story was just brilliant. It has me enthralled every week the same as the other fans to this blog. Thank you Monique for brilliant chapters, I was shocked to read that it went to 5 books, gosh, no wonder you are worn out sometimes with all the writing, but a big thank you from me and from all the other fans to this page.
    It must have been wonderful meeting your favourite author and being able to ask the questions that you wanted to know about her – well done.
    I have not read the Crossfire one shot yet, going to do that when I have finished this comment. I know before I read it that it will be fantastic, so again, thank you. We fans do appreciate all the hard work/writing that you do for us.


  6. Vivi Cordeiro says:

    Happy birthday, and every day over this site to become more famous, and his talent grow further.


  7. Gunchsmom says:

    Happy Birthday, Meander and congratulations Monique! I’ve been reading this story since June and it is simply one of the BEST out there. You have created an amazing community here and I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with and getting to know you and the ladies!


  8. Andrea says:

    Happy Birthday to this awesome ”book”, I’m so glad I stumbled across it (thanks to your interview on Laters baby’s website) I laughed & cried for a weekend when I read all 30 chapters (at the time) to catch up. Now I look forward weekly to your mid-week teasers/tortures and the grand prize on fridays 🙂 you’ve also helped me meet other sexy men via your book reviews (thanks btw!)
    Keep up the fantastic work and I can’t wait to celebrate Meander’s 2nd bday!


  9. Marion Evans says:

    happy Birthday Meander
    I think i was a late starter but this has become part of my life and look forward to your updates …… Once again many thanks x


  10. Audrey says:

    Happy birthday Meander!!!

    Wow!!! A year huh? Well done and congrats Monique!!
    Thank you so much for putting all those effort and making such commitment to please all of us.

    I had to admit i wasnt there since the beginning and only discover Meander thanks to one of your loyal reader early this year. But I do hope i would be among the last to see through the end of Meander and the beginning of your very own writer journey and first book launch. (about time to take them off the shelf and share them, no?)

    And you should have seen me grinning and squeeing ,.. Total fan girl mode when i realise you had interviewed Katy Evans. *squeeeeeeeeee*

    Happy birthday again …!! And thanks for your REAL surprise 🙂


  11. Fiona Fraser says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Meander and many more to come 😉 & a great writer….yes, You Monique. Thank you so much for your great stories. I was at a loss after I read the final chapter of FSOG until I discovered your blog. I wait anxiously for each & every chapter and you never disappoint. So you deserve all the praise you are getting from all your fans. Take a bow! Now can we have the next installment please! LOL!!!
    Great interview with Katy. Major Congrats for getting that. What a coop!


  12. 1klkelly says:

    Happy, Happy 1st B-Day Meander! Mobabe, Monique, keep doing what you do! XOXO. Good-going on the interview! <3. Not much longer until Gideon! ;-D


  13. Zina588 says:

    Happy birthday to your fic! I can’t believe i started to read it last summer, almost one year ago and I’m still hooked, you’re doing a great job! BRAVO!


  14. Blondegirl3 says:

    Monique, you have been a dear gift to all your readers. When I found your story last summer I initially had a hard time believing Ana could leave. I had just finished FSOG numerous times and came upon FF after reading about ELJames. AlI could think was how dare you change the course of their love story. Well that is FF after all… Your ability to mold yor characters as you see fit. And did I ever fall in love with Meander!! When you took a hiatus at the end of the summer I was beside myself and when you came back….well to say I was tickled is an understatement. I love how you have woven this tale into another wonderful love story. Thank you for the countless hours you have poured into this and cross fire as well! You are a spectacular writer!



    • Monique Lain says:

      Ah Tara, what a lovely message! Thank you so much! I so appreciate your feedback and the long standing support. yes, I remember fielding a LOT of e-mails during the time we moved… Thank you for sticking with me!


  15. Maggie says:

    Happy Birthday!! Once I got past that killer first chapter – WOW 🙂 It always makes my day to find your email in my inbox…your AWESOME writing keeps me coming back for more torture each week 😉 Seriously, M, you make these characters come alive in every sense of the word – I am happy to follow where you lead us knowing you love CG as much as we do!


  16. Nancy says:

    Happy happy birthday to you!!!!, I will echo many of the comments already posted. I’m so glad I stumbled upon you several months ago, I don’t know what I’d be reading every Saturday morning with my coffee during my me time. I have so loved your story hoping its a long time going. Thank you


  17. Winterstorm says:

    Happy birthday to your success! So glad to have found an escape though your gift of writing! I must say that your blog is now where I get all my next reads from! It’s getting more expensive as I fuel my dirty habit so I tied it to a fitness goal – I allow myself to read my guilty pleasures only when I’m on the treadmill. Needless to say I’m making headway on my fitness goals 😉


  18. Jenn says:

    Happy Birthday, Meander! It was one of the first fanfics that I read about C&A and I loved it from the beggining. It’s one of my favourites and I’m happy to be part of the Meander journey. And you gave me one more reason to anxiously wait for Fridays xD
    I’m always thanking you, but seriously… THANK YOU for sharing with us this story. I don’t think there are words that can describe how wonderful the story is. And we owe it to you, to all the efforts that you put on it.
    My best wishes for you, Monique! 😉


  19. Marina says:

    Happy birthday Meander!!!


  20. Kaz says:

    Happy Birthday.. Soo glad I found you.. It has been a great ride.. Long may it continue ! 😉


  21. dlk6995 says:

    Meander/Monique…….HaPpY 1sT bIrThDaY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Monique, I’m so thankful that I was totally bored after reading FSOG I, II & III, but my mind was reeling about A & C……..I thought I’d go insane!
    So, I took to the internet and for whatever reason, I typed in FSOG…. boy was that ever a great thing for me to do!!! I found YOU!!!!
    So, I must say Monique, I’m so thankful that you were interested in writing C-POV so that I could continue to get my Christian fix for a lot longer than I thought I was able!!!!
    I am so entwined with your writing that I hate when I come to another Chapter end….because the reality is this: #1…I have to wait until you’re able to post another Chapter to thrill me & #2…I know the more Chapters you write, the closer we come to the end of your story of FSOG-CPOV!!!!!
    That will be a very sad day for me…..so in the meantime, I will continue to read you fabulous writing and enjoy it to the fullest and also get beside myself as only you can do with your writing…..lol
    So, Monique congratulations on your first year……..Best Wishes and sending love from the USA—Toledo, Ohio 😉


    • Monique Lain says:

      Ah, thank you so much! I so appreciate you taking a chance on my story and enjoying our little corner of internet FSOG. I have to admit that right along with you I dread ending the story… 😉 Love your comment! 😉


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